DreamHon Playoffs: Top seed out, top seed down, coL flawless

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 27 August 2012 01:46
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compLexity vs. Tt eSports
Match 1
Fayde bkid
Cthulhuphant MoonMeander
Magebane Haxxeren
Glacius Franzzii
Ophelia Chessie
Torturer sLiCKz
Wildsoul wyt`
Tempest Riser_
Aluna LeonBlack`
Bubbles dabeliuteef
Bans and Locks
DementedShamanJeraziah BehemothParasiteNymphora
TundraPebbles MoraxusSilhouetteTDL

The first match had pretty much all characteristics of the Cold War, with both sides not really engaging in any fights whatsoever. After 30 minutes the scoreboard showed 10 kills, evenly split between both teams and both teams massed up their weapons for a potential strike. The thing that brings this analogy down is the fact that in the end somebody engaged in a real and epic fight - that somebody being compLexity Gaming.
It was all boiling down to the farm-fight between Haxxeren with Magebane and wyt` with Wildsoul. The X factor on coL's side was the tanky presence of MoonMeander with his Cthulhuphant who was a rock in all the team fights. The farm fight, as well as the real fights, was won by Haxxeren and compLexity just tore throught the entire Tt eSports team after the initial "no contact" phase.

Match 2
Behemoth bkid
Moraxus MoonMeander
Draconis Haxxeren
Aluna Franzzii
Bubbles Chessie
Pebbles sLiCKz
Glacius wyt`
Legionnaire Riser_
Valkyrie LeonBlack`
ForsakenArcher dabeliuteef
Bans and Locks
TundraJeraziah FaydeSilhouetteOphelia
TDLMagebane TempestNymphoraArmadon

The "Cold War" analogy might even fit a little bit better with the second map, as coL was in possession of AoE damage and literally able to set the world on fire - courtesy of one big bad dragon. 18 minutes into the game the scoreboard showed a slight kill advantage for coL leading 4-2 and then massive engagements happened that ended the game in a hurry. First coL initiated and got a 3-1 trade, also forcing a buyback from sLiCKz. The next fight was initiated by Tt eSports in an attempted to kill the weakend mid tower, but coL was able to turn this fight around in a hurry, a huge edge provided by a Double Damage Rune on Draconis. A "Quad Kill" for Haxxeren later TteS decided to call it a game and conceded after just 22 minutes, leaving coL with a marvelous 8-0 record and 16-0 map score.

If you want to relive the match between two of the biggest names in Heroes of Newerth, check out the VoDs.

Trademark eSports vs. It's Gosu
Match 1
Ophelia Mynuts
Pebbles Limmp
Nymphora fajN`
Pharaoh PabloMcDad
CorruptedDisciple noobG
Tempest iNsania
WretchedHag Khezu
Glacius Sender
Wildsoul mmbzai
Gauntlet Chubbychris2
Bans and Locks
TrembleMoA PollywogPriestBehemothMoraxus
TundraFayde AlunaDraconisSilhouette

The first match was once again a testiment of the Tempest play of iNsania. In the early game he was such a valuable part of his team, who basically brought them the advantage on two lanes and in the overall experience column with additional experience gathered in the forest. He helped Khezu get First blood top, he went for a wonderful ultimate in the middle lane and was a crucial part in the teamfights with his ultimate aswell. Beside that good early game tdM managed to climb back into the game with noobG doing his thing on Corrupted Disciple, backed up by good initiation courtesy of PabloMcDad and a good supporting cast with Mynuts and fajN` playing Ophelia and Nymphora. Still it wasn't enough to overcome a farmed Wretched Hag and Wildsoul in addition to the good teamfight coordination.

Match 2
Bubbles Mynuts
Pebbles Limmp
Glacius fajN`
Torturer PabloMcDad
PollywogPriest noobG
Tempest iNsania
TDL Khezu
Empath Sender
Tundra mmbzai
Gauntlet Chubbychris2
Bans and Locks
WildsoulTremble PlagueRiderMoraxusAluna
FaydeDraconis SilhouetteMagebaneNymphora

The next map started out pretty similar to the first one with iG grabbing an early advantage due to timely ganks and tower pushes. As opposed to the first map tdM was able to turn the game completely in the mid phase. They had a pretty good jump potential with heroes like Pebbles and Bubbles in addition to decent push power through Pollywog Priest and Torturer. They were able to get picks on iG pretty much all the time in the mid game and so they nibbled away chunks of the lead.
The actual highlight of the game was a ward-trap not only killing three people, but trapping three people. Usually the room inside the wards can handle one single hero, but iG wanted to prove that wrong. First Limmp and noobG jumped Khezu on TDL with much disable and the initial ward-trap. mmbzai decided to help his teammate, using the PK to get into the mix quickly. Unfortunatly he jumped right inside the wards the second Khezu died, so he was trapped for a while. The hilarious thing was that he had Empath ulti on himself so as he died seconds after the jump, Empath was lost inside the trap aswell resulting in a 3-0 exchange with just one ultimate used by noobG on Pollywog Priest.

Match 3
Tempest Mynuts
PollywogPriest Limmp
Glacius fajN`
Bubbles PabloMcDad
Magebane noobG
Torturer iNsania
ForsakenArcher Khezu
Andromeda Sender
Pebbles mmbzai
Moraxus Chubbychris2
Bans and Locks

The first Ace Match of this tournament started off very poorly for Trademark eSports, who granted free farm on two lanes for iG's Pebbles and Forsaken Archer. On top of that, pretty much every small skirmish went in favor of It's Gosu and it looked pretty rough for the team around Mynuts with Pebbles, getting a 10 minute Portal Key and their own Magebane was basically centuries away in the farm department. Still iG decided to let tdM back into the game when they went for a 15 minute push into the base that ended up in a complete devastation for iG, evening the stats in experience and gold in just the blink of an eye.

With that little throw, iG found them in a huge disadvantage all of a sudden, with the time working against them as Magebane started to catch up in farm and began to get pretty beefy. After a long time, a couple of Kongor kills, a few fights and skirmishes and heavy farm on Magebane, Forsaken Archer, Pebbles and even Tempest, iG got overwhelmed in a push attemped by the crushing blows of Magebane, ending the hopes of a great comeback from iG. tdM therefor moves on to the Upper Bracket Final to play compLexity Gaming for guaranteed top two spot.

Lower Bracket:

In the Lower Bracket matches it was "Do or Die" time already with ClanMilk, Pikachu, QsQ 357 and vtrl playing for their tournament life. The first shocker came out when ClanMilk got obliterated by Pikachu with a clean and clear 2-0, including a 17 minute concede on map two. Therefor ClanMilk was the very first team eliminated from the playoffs.
QsQ 357 suffered the same fate today being eliminated 2-0 by Vitriolic, who bounced back from a crucial loss yesterday against their Group C rivals Tt eSports. The international roster now moves on to play It's Gosu, who got send down to the Lower Bracket by Trademark. Pikachu will play Tt eSports, who suffered the loss at the hands of coL.

Bracketology watch:

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Bracketology Standings (8/14)
# Player Team Points
1. Sweden iNsania iG 12
1. Sweden Mynuts tdM 12
3. Denmark ChubbyChris iG 11
4. United States Swindlemelonzz DDOS 10
4. United States Franzzii coL 10
6. United States Moiravus CM 9
6. United States Sender iG 9
6.Germany Fantasy GG 9
9.United States BreakyCPK HCT 8
10. Sweden Horspel QsQ357 7
10.Denmark Buch Pika 7
10. United States Milkfat S2 7
13. Croatia Kolapz GG 6
13. United States Tralfamadore HCT 6
15. United States The_Thrill S2 5
15. Denmark FJ QsQ112 5
15. United States XanderK S2 5
15. Singapore MoonMeander coL 5