DreamHon Playoffs: coL still unbeaten and flawless

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 26 August 2012 12:49
Images that are not displayed correctly are currently bugged in our database. We are working hard on resolving those issues, but for now, we wanted to publish these recaps anyways, so that the content discussed in them is still up-to-date and not old news. Thanks for your understanding.

compLexity Gaming vs. QsQ 357
Match 1
Fayde bkid
Bubbles MoonMeander
Magebane Haxxeren
Glacius Franzzii
WarBeast Chessie
Aluna sQy
Gauntlet z1ff
Silhouette Horspel
KotF Malle
WretchedHag Slate
Bans and Locks
JeraziahNymphora MoraxusDraconisParasite
OpheliaTundra DementedShamanPebblesTempest

The first match became a complete stomp, only lasting 20 minutes. Horspel had a really good time in the early game, but every other lane was either equal or completely lost by the last remaining Q sQuad team. Even the forest was against QsQ when Malle died to neutral Creeps without any contact to the Legion team. That was followed by a double kill in the middle featuring Glacius, War Beast and Fayde, so that lane was set up for success. Chessie actually did a great job keeping his War Beast ultimate on cooldown and getting kills and assists with it. Every single engagement ended with a desasterous losses on the Hellbourne side and coL pulled ahead more and more, without much resistance as it seemed.

Match 2
Pharaoh bkid
Moraxus MoonMeander
Silhouette Haxxeren
Andromeda Franzzii
Tempest Chessie
Aluna sQy
Tundra z1ff
TDL Horspel
PlagueRider Malle
Magmus Slate
Bans and Locks
JeraziahFayde DraconisParasiteMagebane
OpheliaPebbles NymphoraGlaciusBubbles

Now QsQ 357 was under a bit of pressure and the second match started out fairly good against the odds-on-favorite compLexity Gaming, because QsQ kept the game close and looked pretty good out there.After a horrible early game, especially for z1ff on Tundra, every stat indicated that this would be another short affair for coL, but then Horspel just exploded on the Dark Lady getting a "Quad Kill" in an awesome team fight. After that QsQ got ganks through, escaped counter ganks and had a high farm so they looked like a good pick to win the match after all.
coL fought back with beautiful individual plays and great coordination and initiation in teamfights. In the end MoonMeander and Haxxeren both had a Bloodbath streak going and QsQ 357 had to concede, giving the seventh consecutive 2-0 victory to compLexity Gaming in this tournament.

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Bracketology watch:

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Bracketology Standings (2/14)
# Player Team Points
1. Sweden Mynuts tdM 4
1. Sweden iNsania iG 4
1. Denmark ChubbyChris iG 4
1. United States Moiravus CM 4
1. United States Sender iG 4
6. Singapore MoonMeander coL 3
6. Denmark FJ QsQ112 3
6. United States Franzzii coL 3
6. United States Swindlemelonzz DDOS 3
6. United States XanderK S2 3
6. United States BreakyCPK HCT 3
6. Croatia Kolapz GG 3
6. Germany Fantasy GG 3
14. Sweden Horspel QsQ357 2
14.Denmark Buch Pika 2
14. United States The_Thrill S2 2
14. United States Milkfat S2 2
14. United States Tralfamadore HCT 2