GosuGamers presents the DreamHon Bracketology Challenge

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 24 August 2012 21:37
One of the most exciting times in American sports is the time around March. Not that the Superbowl is played, the NBA, NHL and MLB finals are far away, but still one event is still in the hearts of every sports fan - the NCAA Division I Basketball tournament "March Madness". Predicting the brackets before they happen is part of the tradition and brings that tradition to the Heroes of Newerth scene - to the DreamHon Online Summer Championship playoffs.

In the NCAA, the players play for the National Championship in college basketball, the predictors mostly do it for fun and bragging rights. Those bragging rights will be awarded here as well, but on top of that we are presenting the ultimate challenge for perfection to the contributors. Every single entry will have the chance to earn up to 2,000 gold coins, courtesy of S2 Games. That price will be awarded to the "perfect bracket" meaning every single game, every single map, every single thing is an accurate prediction of the tournament. A little tricky? Yes, indeed, but it's a challenge alright.

That perfection is very hard to reach, but you can still go for the "correct bracket" and win 1,000 gold coins, sponsored by S2Games. For that award the accurate map score is not neccessary, because we only look at the winners and losers of the matches. Correct bracket therefor means that u can remove the map score from your submission and have the actual brackets afterwards.

So who was up for this challenge? We asked a couple of players, S2 Games members, tournament admins, Honcast caster and parts of the GosuGamers staff to weight in with their predictions. A total of 12 players, 5 S2 employees and 2 GosuGamers editors stepped up to the challenge - the fight against the bracket.


Singapore MoonMeander
United States compLexity Gaming

Sweden Mynuts
Europe Trademark eSports

Sweden iNsania
Europe It's Gosu

Sweden Horspel
Europe QsQ 357

Denmark FJ
Europe QsQ 112

Denmark ChubbyChris2
Europe It's Gosu

Denmark Buch
Europe Pikachu

United States Franzzii
United States compLexity Gaming

United States Moiravus/mookiez
United States ClanMilk
Both do their thing

United States Sender
United States It's Gosu

United States Swindlemelonzz
Other DDOS


United States XanderK
United States S2 Games
Community Manager

United States The_Thrill
United States S2 Games
Director of eSports

United States Milkfat
United States S2 Games

United States BreakyCPK
United States Honcast
Play-by-Play commentary Honcast

United States Tralfamadore
United States Honcast
Competitive Insight Honcast

GosuGamers crew

Croatia Kolapz
Senior Editor Heroes of Newerth

Germany Fantasy
Junior Editor Heroes of Newerth

Final question could be: "How do I stay up-to-date with the standings of this challenge?". It is very easy, just stay tuned to the DreamHon Summer Championship coverage of Every playoff day will have a recap and in that recap you will find the newest standings for this challenge - predicting absolutely right will grant you two points, predicting just the winner right will give you one point - see which player is on top and who is already down and probably out of the race, because of weird results.