The GosuGamers HoN Top 5

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 25 August 2012 06:08

Through this short intermission between stages 2 & 3 of the DreamHoN Summer Online Championship GosuGamers has asked a number of top competitive players and community members about their opinion on who the top 5 teams in Newerth are.

The GosuGamers Top 5

Just off the mark - Team It's Gosu, Pika and DDOS

These three teams have been performing well in the competitive scene however consistency has let them down. Only some of the 20 voters considered them as a part of the top 5 and in the end their points were not high enough to get them over the line.

Pikachu and Team It's Gosu have both made the DreamHoN Summer Championships (DHSC) Finals with DDOS just missing out in the hotly contested group D matchup between TradeMark eSports and themselves. In fact, Pikachu and It's Gosu will face each other in the first round with the winner of that to play either Clan Milk or TradeMark eSports.

Rank 5 - Vitriolic Gaming[vtrl] - 23


Coming into the tournament as a wildcard and performing this well, Vitriolic has earned credit in no time. Taking home the Group C championship could only be the beginning of their quest to reach the ticket to Sweden.

With their unorthodox picking style and new roster changes, this team is looking to make a significant impact in the DreamHoN Summer Championships (DHSC). They will play Team Tt eSports first, of whom they beat in the first round of the group stage.

Rank 4 - Team Tt eSPORTS [TteS] - 32

After a rough start into the DreamHon Summer Championship, the team has once again found it's groove. The two time DreamHack runners up, have patched up any glitches in their newly refreshed player roster and are looking roaring to go for the finals.

Although they are not as high in the rankings as they have been previously, the finals are upon us and Team Tt eSPORTS is looking to be in decent form. They will be up against Vitriolic Gaming first and they will be looking to prove themselves against the Group C winners and move on to the winners bracket semi-finals.

Rank 3 - TradeMark eSports [tdM] - 34


After the clutch victory to get into the playoffs and the recent victory of the It's Gosu #1 Open the Europeans are on a roll, establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

After forming shortly after DreamHack Summer this team has shown they are dedicated to performing at the highest level in the current competitive scene. TradeMark eSports remains a top contender for the finals of the DHSC however they will have to face an extremely strong Clan Milk line-up in the first round.

Rank 2 - Clan Milk [CM] - 75


Surprise, Surprise. CM was always considered a very talented team, but missing some stability and consistency. They seem to overcome those lacks in claiming the championship of the "Group of Death".

Aside from this, they have had a number of roster changes which has shook things up and helped the team to refocus on their goals, with practicing and scriming becoming more regular for this team.

having received the majority of second place votes, in the eyes of many Clan Milk is looking in good shape to make the finals and get that top competitive result that they haven't been able to achieve in the past.

Rank 1 - compLexity Gaming [coL] - 100


Pretty obvious isn't it? coL is arguably the best team in Heroes of Newerth today and they are looking to keep their flawless streak intact on their march to Jonkoping, Sweden. None of the voters deviated from this response with all 20 of them ranking compLexity as the number one team in Newerth.

The question will be whether or not they can maintain this form throughout the finals of the DreamHoN Summer Championships and bring home their first tournament win as a newly formed team.

They are the extremely hot favourites when they come up against QSQUAD 357 in the first round of the DHSC Finals tomorrow night.


The ranking system is based upon a points scale from 1-5 with the top ranked team in one's list given 5 points, and the 5th ranking team given 1 point. A total of 20 people voted and sent in the data required for this ranking.
Due to the current nature of the scene, there was quite a spread of votes with many lists being different. The pie chart directly below shows how all of the points were split from the 20 voters.

Be sure to also check out the points shown in the table below which shows the raw numbers and data from the pie chart above. What is certainly clear about the rankings is complexity's dominance with Clan Milk close behind in peoples minds.

For quick reference, the final standings are as follows:

GosuGamers Top 5 Rankings
RankTeamPoints (1st place votes)
1.UnitedStates compLexity Gaming 100 points (20)
2.UnitedStates Clan Milk 75 points
3.Europe Trademark eSports 34 points
4.UnitedStates Team Tt eSPORTS 32 points
5.United States Vitriolic Gaming 23 points

At GosuGamers we are currently working hard in order to restore the GosuGamers Points based ranking and the GosuBet systems for Heroes of Newerth as they are currently 4 to 5 months out of date. Please continue to support our site and content whilst we work hard to deliver these platforms for you.