DreamHon: What to do, if they barely play? - Week 6 Recap

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 19 August 2012 14:50
Last week in the DreamHon Online Summer Championship most of the matches were decided via forfeit, which means not a whole lot of big plays happened. Still, this recap has some tradition and so it has to happen - in a reduced format. Only one match, one team and one player will get an award - with the Honorary Award still being handed out.

Match of the Week
Europe Lions
Malaysia Orange eSports
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It was a match that got the most coverage and discussion last week. With the first official results of this match being a forfeit victory for Lions, which later on got turned around into actually being played for the sake of the integrity of the tournament and in good sportsmanlike manner. Orange eSports needed a victory to move on with Lions only playing for pride and a, at that time, minimal chance of moving on.

The first match saw Lions absolutely dominating and running on all cylinders. With Superkge having a good time on Bloodhunter, with Jollem playing a strong hero like Tundra and with Aellgi initiating into teamfights brilliantly on Bubbles, the game got out of reach for Orange quickly. 15 minutes into the game, Lions were already in a commanding lead with more then 10,000 gold ahead with four towers already pushed. ORGE couldn't really get in position to mount a comeback and small victories like picking up Bloodhunter were way too little to turn the tides.

Still, they had two more chances to get their playoff ticket booked and the intensity picked up in match two. In a very slow paced match, with barely any hero-kills going on, ORGE was able to farm a little bit better, which boosted them into a favorable position for the later stages of the match. After 30 minutes only 16 hero-kills occured, but still ORGE was on top of the ressources with 7,000 gold and 4,000 experience ahead. At the 34 minute mark Lions tried to get back into the game with a big engagement, but ORGE held their ground and basically secured the victory and pushed this into the third match.

That said, the third match was again very slow paced, but this time Lions were able to slowly pull ahead in the gold/xp charts. A couple of good pickups and ganks later, the match was at the 15 minute mark and ORGE was getting a nice victory over the opposing team in their jungle, cutting into the lead of Lions. That small victory triggered a little bit of confidence on ORGE's site so they tried to force another engagement near the Ancients, which went south for the Malaysians losing two heroes fairly quick, forcing a buyback and a lost Tempest while chasing. Lions pulled ahead more and more in the progress of the game, killing Kongor and getting good farm on Silhouttte. That Silhouette paired with superior initiates through Pharaoh secured the victory for Lions, which kicked Orange eSports most likely out of the tournament.

Team of the Week

Tt eSports
Drafter Carry Allrounder Support/Jungle Suicide
Australia sLiCKz United States Riser_ United States LeonBlack`NewZealand wyt` Malaysia dabeliuteef

It was a devastating start into the tournament for the popular Australian team, who lost their opening match to the likes of Brized, miikeys and Zetpro, playing for Vitriolic. The schedule wasn't favorable for them, because right after that loss they got the tought Malaysian team of MuFC ahead of them. The possibility for a 0-2 start was quite real, which could have ended the tournament right away for the two time runner-ups of DreamHack competition. Tt eSports was able to rebound, get a victory over MuFC, close out QoP, FyKu and C1K, which put them into a clinching situation in week six. The contestants were the Russians from Team GA, but they couldn't end the winning streak which is at five wins right now, getting them into the playoffs after an early setback.

Individual Awards

Individual Award recipient
NymphoraSweden getviolator Other TmRy 6/2/8 Got my level, let's do this

getviolator played a marvelous series against the fading DreamHon champions fnatic, but his performance in the first match was absolutely pushing the game to his team. He held himself fairly well against a Witch Slayer in the middle lane, where he gave away a Bloodlust kill. He didn't got demoralized and went right back to work, initiating a clutch kill on Magebane on the top lane, which ended in a 4-0 fight, that gave TmRy a solid lead in XP and cost fnatic three towers. In the remainder of the match getviolator was able to hit great stuns, supplied his team with Mana and Health and backed up huge pushes with that supply.

Honorary Award
Forfeit? Let's just play the games
Sweden Lions Europe QsQ 1

Forfeit victories are the worst because of several reasons. A forfeit does not display which team is actually better, the standings lose a little bit of value and the tournament is losing a lot of value with matches not being played. So the decision of Lions and QsQ 1 to remake a already forfeited game was a really nice move by both teams. Lions granted Orange eSports the match so the Malaysians got a fighting chance to secure the playoff ticket, while QsQ 1 reacted to a misscommunication on fnatic's side, who just forgot they had a scheduled match.