DreamHon Group D: TmRy delivers the final blow to fnatic, setting up an epic clash for next week

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 19 August 2012 01:09
It was one of the stories of the last week - QsQ 1 would nullify the forfeit victory over fnatic, granting them a real match. That gesture of sportsmanship kept fnatic in mathematical reach of the playoff spots, potentially forcing a three-way-tie in the group. The dream was alive.

Today, the reality check came in the form of TmRy. The team around Fittske, Swindlemelonzz, Reelo, getviolator and ZFreeK completely obliterated fnatic, sending them home in just a little bit more than 50 minutes. Not only did fnatic appeare to be totally off in terms of HoN, but afterwards they lacked manners as well. Three players of fnatic left the game prior to the concede vote, leaving a bitter taste of unsportsmanlike conduct behind.

What this win now actually means for TmRy is not entirely clear. A couple of matches weren't played today, leaving the group still open for either TmRy or Trademark eSports to take the spot behind the front-runners of ClanMilk.

If Trademark wins against iLight in their week six matchup, the deciding match will be the head-to-head clash between TmRy and Trademark eSports in week seven. The winner of that match would move to the playoffs, the loser will get eliminated just a couple of centimeters before the finish line.

Group D
Week 5
Europe Trademark eSports DNP Europe iLight
United States ClanMilk DNP Europe QsQ 1
Europe fnatic 0:2 Other TmRy
Europe easy breezey DNP Europe Grabblords

Standings after Week 6
# Team W L +/- P
1.United States ClanMilk 5 0
2.Other TmRy 5 1
3.Europe Trademark eSports 4 1
4.Europe ILight 3 2
6.Europe fnatic 2 3
5.Europe QsQ 1 1 3
7.Europe Grabblords 0 5
8.Europe easy breezey 0 5

Matchups for Week 7
Match Date
Europe iLight vs. United States ClanMilk August 22nd
Europe QsQ 1 vs. Europe easy breezey August 22nd
Other TmRy vs. Europe Trademark eSports August 22nd
Europe Grabblords vs. Europe fnatic August 22nd