DreamHon Group A: Group A's playday, Group B is decided

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 15 August 2012 23:57
It might sound weird, but on the day where Group A was supposed to be played, Group B actually got close to a conclusion. FiT and coL played their head-to-head match today, with the crushing loss for FiT resulting in the elimination from the tournament.

First things first, Group A actually moved along as well. Two forfeit victories for both Pikachu and Lions eSports brought one team into the playoffs, while the other team is still in contention.

With the 2-0 forfeit victory for Pikachu, the team around the likes of Buch, Streufutter, Tankafett, GoRdoB, TPSPriceless and Nir can plan for the next stage. The team sits at a comfortable 5-1 record and will end the group stage as Group A champion.

The race for the second spot is not yet decided. It is currently occupied by Orange eSports, but the Malaysians can only sit and wait for their fate to be decided. All seven matches of the fifth best DreamHon team have been played and they can still get caught by Lions eSports or QsQ 357.

Lions need to win the last match against QsQ 613 and hope for a loss of QsQ 357 in one of the two remaining matches. If QsQ 357 wins both matches decisively with a 2-0 score, Lions will be out of the playoffs. When Lions loss their last match and QsQ 357 losses at least one of the remaining matches, Orange eSports will advance to the playoffs.

Group A
Week 6
Europe QsQ 357 DNP Europe QsQ 112
Europe Pikachu 2:0 Europe Smackdown Syndrome
Europe QsQ 613 DNP Europe unZ
Malaysia Orange eSports 0:2 Sweden Lions

Standings after Week 6
# Team W L +/- P
1.Europe Pikachu 5 1
2.Malaysia Orange eSports 5 2
3.Sweden Lions 4 2
4.Europe QsQ 357 3 2
5.Europe QsQ 613 1 3
6.Europe QsQ 112 1 4
7.Europe unZ 1 4
8.Europe Smackdown Syndrome 1 5

Matchups for Week 6
Match Date
Malaysia Orange eSports vs. Europe QsQ 357 2:1
Sweden Lions vs. Europe Smackdown Syndrome August 19th
Europe unZ vs. Europe QsQ 112 August 19th
Europe Pikachu vs. Europe QsQ 613 August 19th

Group B is still a little bit weird with the standings. After the latest match compLexity clinched the playoff spot as well as the Group B championship. They can not get caught by anyone beneath them, making the last game against saishii in Week 7 meaningless for them.

For the playoff picture that match is far from meaningless, because saishii is still in contention for the last playoff spot. The clutch matchup against It's Gosu this week and the matchup against coL in Week 7 will decide the playoffs in Group B. When It's Gosu wins against saishii, the complete group is decided and coL and TiG are moving on. If saishii wins both matches 2-0, they will overtake It's Gosu. If saishii wins 2-1 against TiG, but sweeps coL, saishii will still manage to jump in front of TiG, because of the direct victory. When both matches are won with a 2-1 for saishii, saishii will be one point behind TiG and finish beneath the top two spots.

Out of the race is FiT, after getting two consecutive losses handed to them. The best they can do is a +5 in match score, but with the default win that TiG will get for their week seven matchup, they can only tie with TiG pointwise, which would keep them behind because of the direct loss against iNsania's squad.

matches from Group B
Europe FiT 0:2 United States compLexity Gaming

Standings after the first match of Week 6
# Team W L +/- P
1.United States compLexity Gaming 6 0
2.Europe DreamOn 4 1
2.Europe FiT 4 2
4.United States saishii 3 2
5.Singapore iMpunity 2 3
6.Brazil Dynasty 1 3
7.Europe Sons of Shaka 1 4
8.Europe BoCe 0 5