Interview with It's Gosu iNsania

Posted by Joshua "ASWAY" Ouellette at 17 August 2012 07:28
iNsania, the jungle/hardsupport player for It's Gosu, sits down with GosugGamers to discuss DreamHoN. "We definitely like to look up the other team and figure out what we're supposed to do to have the strategic edge."

Your team is currently second in group 2 with a record of 5-1 and 14 points. Your only lose was against coL, how do you personally feel about that series, was there something you could have done better?

"Of course it feels good knowing that we will most probably qualify, and we're quite satisfied with our results. We were a very new team when the tournament started and had not played together nearly enough to beat a team of complexity's caliber, so to be completely honest, we're not too disappointed with that loss."

According to the DreamHoN website, you guys will be playing against Saishii on August 16th. Saishii is currently 3-2 in the group, how much do you know about this team?

"I don't know too much about them as a team, however I've known one of their players for a long time and really seen him go from a 1700mmr pub player to reach the comp. scene, which is quite nice."

Sender is a player who I’ve known for a while now and I know whenever he has a big match coming up, he would watch his opponents replays and learn their play style and what they like to pick. Do you guys do this as a team or do you guys just go into a match blind and just try to outplay your opponent?

"We definitely like to look up the other team and figure out what we're supposed to do to have the strategic edge, going in unprepared for a team can often cost you the series. Sender takes this to the next level though, and he can usually inform us all about a lot of the things that will take us a long time to figure out, having him on the team is a huge asset in this aspect as well."

Right now Fnatic is 1-3 in their group. When groups were posted, did you every think that such a team like Fnatic would doing so horribly or did you foresee it? Any idea why they’re not performing so well?

"To be completely honest, Group D could've gone anyway I feel, atleast between tdM, DDOS, CM and Fnatic, any of those four teams could definitelly have qualified. However I'm surprised that fnatic did so bad in a sense, but then again knowing how little time they spent preparing for this tournament, I'm not surprised. Ofcourse it's really unfortunate to see fnatic knocked out this early in a tournament, but I don't think their expectations were too high considering the low amount of time they put into it."

It's Gosu consists of a few Heroes of Newerth veterans. What’s it like playing with people who have been in the competitive scene for such a long time? How much has their competitive experience help you grow as a player?

"Of course it's much easier to play with a team full of players who know what they are supposed to do, players that work well in teams. The biggest advantage of having so many veterans is probably the strategical part. Building team play and developing synergy is also a lot easier when you have a core that consists of ex. competitive players. As for myself it's great to have players from other teams joining us, you get a broader perspective and you start learning more styles of gameplay."

Out of the three other groups, which teams do you predict will come top two and why? Has there been any team or players that surprised you this tournament?

"I believe coL will be one of the teams that will make it all the way to the finals and that's because they are the team spending the most time practicing and they have extremely good individual players which never hurts either. As for the second finalist spot I believe it'll be a fight between us, tdM/DDOS and CM (depending on who qualifies), because of the results latly I'd probably have to say CM has the edge at the moment."

Orange eSports managed to go 5-0 in their group, did you see this happening or was it unexpected?

"I'm not very surprised, seeing as group A mostly consists of mid to mid-high tier teams, Pika, Lions are both great teams but they lack the experience that Orange has."

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me iNsania. Any final words or shoutouts?

"Thank you for having me. I'd like to give a shoutout to Its Gosu, and thank them for picking us up. Also a shoutout to our sponsors, Razer and and lastly to Fanthaiza who's been doing a great job covering the entire DreamHoN event."