[Lion]PhilMcHunt: 'The ruling was fair. Both teams knew that ringing was not allowed.'

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 13 August 2012 22:55
After last week's interview with [Pika]Buch, community member Norway Gaute 'Megabever' Kleiven now sat down with Sweden Viktor 'PhilMcHunt' Sjöberg of Lions eSports.

Similarly to the previous one, this interview had the Swede answer questions about his past in competitive gaming, how the sponsorship deal with Lions came to life, the issues of having a 6-man roster...

Unlike Buch in the last interview, when asked about the ringer rule violation for which his team received a forfeit loss, he agreed that the admin decision was the correct one:

You're one of the many teams currently competing in the DreamHoN Summer Championship. You lost your first match against QsQ 357 and got a default loss versus Pikachu due to CatLoMein dirty ringing for you. Could you explain how you guys feel about this situation and the ruling that followed? Due to two losses, your chances of advancing are really slim at the moment. How do you feel about most likely not going through to the playoffs?

When we first saw our group we felt confident that we would be the top two however our loss against QsQ 357 was one we didn't really expect. They definately deserved it. We didn't exactly make it hard for them to perform well against us, with that being said - they did a good job.

About the ruling, it was fair... both we and pika knew that ringing was not allowed so *****ing about the forfeit loss would be silly. Though I have to say that the rules was a bit odd... 1.5 month long tournament during the summer (vacation-season in Sweden) having to forfeit a game just because one or two guys were abroad felt kinda shitty.

And about our slim chances of advacing. As Honcast put it: We'll just have to see it as good experience. We've had fun so far and we're going to continue having fun in the tournament. There's still some good matchups left. And hey, we're going to bag 270ish dollars which according to my calculation would be roughly a buttload of pizza and beer.