DreamHon Group D: Milk makes you strong, apparently

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 10 August 2012 23:45
Disappointment and success can be very close, but yet so far apart. Group D showed that today with ClanMilk walking over TmRy, cementing their position on top of the group. Disappointing was the forfeit of the most successful Heroes of Newerth team, fnatic. They didn't play their match today, leaving room for speculation about a complete quit open.

It was about two month ago,when fnatic conquered the crown of the DreamHack for the fourth consecutive time. That victory solidified their legendary status in the game. Now they are out of the playoff race and probably out of the entire tournament. Today they forfeited their matchup against QsQ 1, after two disappointing losses against Trademark eSports and ClanMilk.

easy breezey forfeited their match aswell, the second consecutive forfeit for that team. iLight is capitalizing of that forfeit, getting their tournament record to a solid 3-1, still contending for the playoff spots.

Two matches were actually decided in the form of a game with Trademark eSports boosting their winning streak to three, putting them right into the mix for the second place in the group. Grabblords on the other side are still waiting for the first successful match in this event.

The highlight match, the battle of the top spots, actually went in favor of ClanMilk. Both maps saw CM as the dominant team, leaving no doubt about their quest for the group victory. With victories over tdM, fnatic and TmRy they are in a very similar position as Vitriolic, holding a one game advantage with the direct victories over the top teams as a tiebreaker. TmRy got bumped back into the tough competition for that second spot with three teams holding a 3-1 record.

Group D
Week 4
Europe Trademark eSports 2:0 Europe Grabblords
United States ClanMilk 2:0 Other TmRy
Europe QsQ 1 2:0 Europe fnatic
Europe easy breezey[ 0:2 Europe iLight

Standings after Week 4
# Team W L +/- P
1.United States ClanMilk 4 0
2.Europe Trademark eSports 3 1
3.Other TmRy 3 1
4.Europe ILight 3 1
5.Europe QsQ 1 2 2
6.Europe fnatic 1 3
7.Europe Grabblords 0 4
8.Europe easy breezey 0 4

Matchups for Week 5
Match Date
Europe Grabblords vs. United States ClanMilk August 14th
Other TmRy vs. Europe easy breezey August 14th
Europe iLight vs. Europe fnatic August 14th
Europe QsQ 1 vs. Europe Trademark eSports August 14th