DreamHon Group C: One small step for the event, one giant leap for ORGE and vtrl

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 10 August 2012 01:20
Four weeks over, three weeks still left, two spots lead to the playoff, one undefeated team still standing. Those numbers describe the fourth week of Group C action the best. vtrl is still standing after putting FyKu away, but MuFC, Tt eSports and FyKU are still in the race and contending.

It was close, it was long and it was intense, but after almost three hours of play Vitriolic is still reigning supreme over Group C, holding all trumps for success. In the highlight match against fellow undefeated team FyKu they struggled, they came back, they got rejected, they got stomped and they prevailed, getting a huge 2-1 victory. The international team is now one game clear of FyKu and Tt eSports, even two games ahead of MuFC. In addition to that they hold direct victories over all three of those teams and vtrl has a schedule that gives them GA, Cats Gaming and QoP in the last three weeks. Those teams have a combined record of 3-9, with QoP being the only team at .500. The mathematical chance of vtrl not advancing is still there, but all stats and numbers indicate that they will advance.

Tt eSports is still playing catch up, but catch up with style. Ever since their struggling start into the tournament with a lost against vtrl and a very close victory over MuFC, they looked as dominant as ever. Today was no exception as the Australians took down QoP in under an hour.

MuFC was no different today with a clear victory over the Russian team Cats Gaming. The Malaysians took a little bit over an hour to finish the Russians, but in the end they were just to much to manage for Cats. That win puts them back on the fourth place, from were they still have a fighting chance to get to the playoffs.

No playoffs will happen for either GA or Call it Karma, both winless before this day. C1K could end their winless streak with a 2-1 victory over the Russians, who are still waiting for their first victory. Both teams actually gave it their all with the entire series going for two extremely long matches, one over an hour, leading to a decisive and short Ace Match.

Group C
Week 4
Russia Cats Gaming 0:2 Malaysia MuFC
Russia GA 1:2 Europe Call it Karma
Europe FackyouKurdi 1:2 Other Vitriolic
United States QoP 0:2 Australia Tt eSports

Standings after Week 3
# Team W L +/- P
1.Other Vitriolic 4 0
2.Australia Tt eSports 3 1
3.Europe FackyouKurdi 3 1
4.Malaysia MuFC 2 2
5.United States QoP 2 2
6.Russia Cats Gaming 1 3
7.Europe Call it Karma 1 3
8.Russia GA 0 4

Matchups for Week 5
Match Date
Russia GA vs. Other Vitriolic August 13th
Europe Call it Karma vs. Russia Cats Gaming August 13th
Europe FackyouKurdi vs. Australia Tt eSports August 13th
United States QoP vs. Malaysia MuFC August 13th

In Group A, Orange eSports proved to be a QsQ nightmare as the Malaysian team took out QsQ 357 and QsQ 613 today. The matchup against the 613 squad was the postponed match from last week, while the match against QsQ 357 was originally scheduled to take place in the final week of competition. With those two victories ORGE almost punched their playoff tickets, as they are one victory away from securing that spot.

QsQ 357 could also get a win yesterday. The team around Horspel and Malle had their postponed match against Smackdown Syndrome left to play. Unfortunately the Mike team couldn't get a full team together, resulting in a forfeit victory for QsQ 357, who boost their score to 3-2 and still chances get to to playoffs.

matches from Group B
Malaysia Orange eSports 2:1 Europe QsQ 357
Malaysia Orange eSports 2:0 Europe QsQ 613
Europe QsQ 357 2:0 Europe Smackdown Syndrome

Standings after Week 4
# Team W L +/- P
1.Malaysia Orange eSports 5 0
2.Europe Pikachu 3 1
3.Europe QsQ 357 3 2
4.Sweden Lions 2 2
5.Europe Smackdown Syndrome 1 3
5.Europe QsQ 112 1 3
7.Europe QsQ 613 1 3
8.Europe unZ 0 4

Furthermore, all BoCe matches from Group B will be ruled as a 0-2 forfeit victory against BoCe, who got caught on a rule violation. After their captain CatLoMein got banned for his participation in the "Dirty Ringer Affair" involving Pikachu and Lions eSports, he still played for his team. The admin staff saw his involvement via the IP and the immediate reaction was a disqualification of BoCe. In addition to that they have to forfeit their $250 USD, which get redistributed for the remaining 31 teams.