Nineties become roaring Lions

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 07 August 2012 23:44
Heroes of Newerth is witnessing a comeback of old sponsored organizations. After compLexity Gaming re-entered the scene by picking up the old Trademark eSports team, the Lions are back in the mix as well. Apparently is HoN interesting for sponsors and clans again after S2 Games announced future projects like the DreamHon event at the following DreamHack festivities.

S4, Mynuts, Era, Fittske and Skyzoe

The Lions have a short, but very successful history in Heroes of Newerth. There first stint in the MOBA game was featuring the former ADON team, with players like Jonassomfan, Mynuts, Fittske, Skyzoe and S4. They became known after beating fnatic in one of the UNGL tournaments - the start of highly successful partnership. In the following weeks the Lions became a force in HoN, a great team that was able to beat any team, any given day. The invite for the NASL event and the qualification for the DreamHack Winter 2011 Offline finals reflected that power in the scene. Prior to DHW, they replaced Jonassomfan with the youngster Era, giving them even more strenght on the carry position. That replacement paid off and brought them the third place at the big LAN event in Sweden. NASL finals were next on the horizon and it seemed like a huge blow when S4 and the team split up, just three days before the event. Reelo jumped in and made it seem like he has been there all the time. They conquered the NASL finals, defeating SmackTrickz in the big finale, crowning them NASL champion in Heroes of Newerth.

After that big success the team went into a break, deciding to step out of HoN, leaving the organization without a team. The Swedish organization tried one last time to get involved as they gave Skyzoe the sponsorship and the right to form a team with the backup of the clan, but the success wasn't achieved.

New chapter for both parties

Now they are back and there newly picked up team fits perfectly into the profile of Lions. The Swedish team Nineties went through a couple of weird circumstances in the last week, beginning with the Druidz sponsorship that failed at the last minute, continuing with controversy in the DreamHon Summer Championship, leading to them being picked up by Lions.

Terms of that deal are not revealed and not shared with the public, but the Lions surely looking for a strong team to represent them at the big Swedish event. The new Lions will debuting their new partner today in their Group A matchup against QsQ 613, trying to keep the first two spots of that group in reach.

Lineup Lions eSports:
Sweden Johan 'Jollem' Eikeland
Sweden Viktor 'PhilMcHunt' Sjöberg
Sweden Isak ' Hoggi`' Höglund
Sweden Emil 'Superkge' Karlsson
Sweden Mattias 'Playride' Carlsson
Sweden Adrian 'Aellgi' Ellgren

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