Brad Bower of S2Games on complexity's 'The Executives'

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 03 August 2012 15:47
Brad Bower, the Director of Operations at S2 Games joins Jason Lake and Michael O`Dell in the 15th episode of the complexity gaming show, the executives. The episode is about the business of game development.

The episode is a reflective and in-depth interview with Brad Bower, along with a discussion through the mistakes, triumphs and the adaptability of S2Games and the general game developer community. They also look into the future on what we can expect from our game developer and the legitimacy of the focus on 'eSports' by some game developers.

The Executives #15: The Business of Game Development

compLexityINSIDER: Complexity Gaming and Team Dignitas, in conjunction with Sound Blaster, are proud to present the next episode of the live show hosted by Jason Lake and Michael O`Dell: The Executives: The Business of Gaming #15: The Business of Game Development w/ S2 Games.

In this edition of the show, we are joined by Brad Bower, the Director of Operations at S2 Games, the creators of Heroes of Newerth.

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