DreamHoN: Idols, Rebound and Immortals - Week Two Recap

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 03 August 2012 17:27
Another week of DreamHoN Summer Championship action is in the books. The story of the week was rebound with It's Gosu, Trademark eSports, Tt eSports and Nineties coming back from first week lossse to make a statement. Still other teams like FIT, coL and ClanMilk didn't slip yet making all other teams play catch-up in the following weeks. Let's shine the light of recognition on those who deserve it most.

Match of the Week
Singapore iMpunity
United States saishii

Unfortunately, this great match between the Malaysian competitor iMpunity and the American participant saishii didn't got much coverage or even much recognition. Only a few people have seen this match: streams or replay casts do not exist. Still, the match was intense and gripping with a couple of comebacks and nice plays happening on both sides.

The first map started out with a little suprise after saishii dominated the early game with precise ganks and good laning combinations. The immense pace of their ganks couldn't hold up for long, though. Around the 15 minute mark, iMpunity began to turn the game completely, finding the better teamfights and and having a Zephyr that was just to tanky to take out. That Zephyr paired with the Keeper of the Forest ultimate and huge burst of AoE damage, iMpunity could turn the match after struggling early, winning the first map.

The second map started out like the first, saishii tried to apply pressure to iMpunity early and this time it had huge success, primarly at the bottom lane. Hydre and Razed` dominated the lane with a Valkyrie/Succubus combination that proved to be way too heavy for their opponents. After just eight minutes Hydre with the Valkyrie had the Champion of Newerth streak completed, not only getting good farm of her own but also holding the opposing hard carry down. iMpunity once again tried to mount a comeback, but Valkyrie had too much farm already and the rest of the team engaged the teamfights very smart, catching iMpunity off guard all the time.

So the game went into the decider, the Ace Match, the third map. This time the early game was very equal, saishii nor iMpunity could gain an early edge to carry over. Pretty much the entire match was very close with iMpunity in the constant lead after getting a very favorable teamfight initiated by Tempest. They had a constant gold and experience advantage, but they couldn't really put saishii away. The Americans always fought back and kept the game in reach and their hopes alive. In the end Madman showed to be too strong as a carry and he just tore through the saishii's team, winning it all for iMpunity.

Other notable matches:

Malaysia MuFC vs. Australia Tt eSports - A great match between the Malaysian team of MuFC and the Australian powerhouse Tt eSports, who had to prove something here. Just the heartbreaking finish of the second map, paired with the great engagements and teamfights of that map is worth mentioning. (VoDs: 1 / 2 / 3)

Teams of the Week

Drafter Carry Allrounder Support Initiator
United States Kookiez United States CaKesUnited States MookiezUnited States Kreamz United States Moiravus

Being the only team that has won two matches in just one week earns them a spot in this week's recap. Not only the pure numbers of two victories give them the edge, though, but also the fact that they could put away a direct contestant in Group D right away. In that group the big four should compete for the two top spots, so a victory over one of this "Big Four" to kick the tournament off, could go a long way. Also ClanMilk seemed to settle in and be a serious contender for those spots after really good results lately, after they had consistency issues in the past. Now they seem to be in a good groove and rhythm do shoot for the stars and be a real threat for a playoff spot.

Trademark eSports
Drafter Carry Suicide Support Allrounder
Sweden Mynuts Denmark NoobGSweden PabloMcDadSweden fajN` Sweden Limmp

They suffered the loss against ClanMilk, they lost in their debut match for the new sponsorship, they were down in Group D - what are they doing here? The team around Mynuts made a huge statement yesterday when they put fnatic away with 2:0. That victory catapulted them from the bottom of the division all the way up to fourth place. The new Trademark eSports is back in striking range of the top spots and they have already played two of the big three, splitting the games. Still tdM earns a spot in this list for their great effort against fnatic. Being under pressure and then facing the four time and reigning DreamHack champion could be problematic for teams, but Trademark solved this with ease, putting them here.

Drafter Carry Suicide Support Allrounder
Sweden PhilMcHunt Sweden JollemSweden SuperkgeSweden Playride Sweden Aellgi

Very similar to Trademark, but in a much more equal group. The Nineties came into this tournament with the momentum of past tournaments. Their good finish in the BYOC tournament at DreamHack Summer 2012 and the second place finish in the third Raidcall HoN Cup put them into one of the favorite roles of this group. The first results, however, were devastating after QsQ 357 just rolled over them in week one. Now they bounced back against unZ in a very impressive fashion, gaining back some of the momentum once again. When they continue playing like this week and put aside that devastating rout by QsQ 357, they can become a force to be reckoned with, once again.

Individual Awards

Individual Award recipient
WildsoulAustralia wyt` Australia Tt eSports 7/3/15 Crushing the base

It was his game, his effort and ultimately his shining moment. The support/jungle of Tt eSports, wyt`, was the match-winner of the clash against MuFC. With his team constantly behind in terms of gold and experience, wyt` used the opportunity to farm his woods all the time, giving him a lot of GPM and items on his BooBoo. Those items and that gold paid off in teamfights, but most importantly in the end, when he could just stomp the base of MuFC on his own. His team tried to defend their base with just four man, while he showed guts and wrecked the entire Hellbourne base with his Wildsoul and his BooBoo. Mega creeps came and wyt` left the game with the victory, 519 GPM and the feeling that he just kept his team in this tournament.

Individual Award recipient
Denmark probusk Europe FIT 6/0/7
Ultimate survivor

He is the ultimate survivor of this week. In the match against BoCe he managed to stay alive for the entire series, while wrecking the heads of his opponents. In this level of competitive play this is an awesome achievement, because you not only got away from massive teamfights, but you also played the suicide lane without getting ganked. The matches overall would have earned probusk a Bloodbath streak, just four kills away from Immortal. Well done.

Individual Award recipient
ScoutEurope Parakletos Europe QoP 19/0/6 Numbers don't lie

An unknown name, an unknown team, an immortal Scout. Parakletos wrecked the Russians from Team GA like a boss, when he went on a rampage with his Scout. He played his Scout mid, he had good support and at the end of his game he could take out Tremble with just four hits, not to mention two-hitting the squishy supports of Team GA. The only thing missing was an annihilation, but that accomplishment just didn't happen for him - the icing on the cake was missing.

Other individual achievements:

Sweden mmbzai - It's Gosu: Until wyt`played his Wildsoul, mmbzai had a spot in the list above. Now, after the Australian played the same hero a little bit more efficient, winning the game for his team, mmbzai had to take a step back. Still he was a huge part of the first map victory of his team against the Brazilians of Dynasty, putting constant pressure on the top lane, forcing TPs or fallen towers all the time.

United States Hydre - saishii: Mentioned above, mentioned again. Hydre played the Valkyrie in the second map, so he earned a "Champion of Newerth" streak in just 8 minutes, pushing his overall statline to 21/3/7 at the end of the game. The only reason why he is not listed above is the terrific support that he received. Razed` enabled this kind of dominance by setting up ganks all the time.

Honorary Award
compLexity Gaming
United States bkid United States FranziiSingapore MoonmeanderDenmark Haxxeren Sweden Chessie

Honour can appear in many shapes or forms. Last week we awarded DreamOn for great sportsmanship and fairness towards their opponents, this week we awards compLexity Gaming for the respect they showed towards their opponents, their fans and the tournament. coL had to play against the unknown team Sons of Shaka, who got ditched by their fifth man just prior to the start. coL could have gotten out of this by just taking a forfeit victory, but the team showed tons of respect for their fans and the tournament by playing it out. Also it was nice to see that they were enableing SOSH to take this opportunity to play against their idols. What's even more honorable is the fact that coL didn't troll their opponents, didn't pick in a weird way, they showed respect for their opponents and they gave them the opportunity to play a real match, with real heroes against one of the best teams in the world. That is the honourable thing to do.