HoN Development Blog - Rally and Vector Entity

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 03 August 2012 11:53
The Lead Creative Designer for Heroes of Newerth, Brent "Buro" Wiedmer has featured in the latest development video log from S2Games. In the video he discusses the new mechanic that is being introduced with the next patch, vector entity.

Aside from the discussion on the new mechanic, Buro also discussed the process of development and thoughts around the newest hero in the game, Rally. He also talks about how a hero is developed at S2Games and the sorts of processes that are required.

HoN Dev Blog: Rally & Vector Entity

S2Games: Join Brent "Buro" Wiedmer, Lead Creative Designer for HoN as he gives an inside look at the development process behind the new hero: Rally. The new mechanic introduced with Rally, called Vector Entity, is an evolution of the existing Vector Targeting ability which adds an exciting and challenging new dimension of play. This ability led into the theme of Rally, a hero who compels his allies and strikes fear into his enemies on the battlefield. Be sure to check out the HoN Hero Spotlight for Rally and prepare for Rally's debut in Newerth on August 3rd.

S2Games Youtube - HoN Dev Blog: Rally & Vector Entity