VIDEO: New HoN Hero Spotlight - Rally

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 31 July 2012 10:31
S2Games has released a brand new HoN Hero Spotlight video for the latest hero to enter the game - Rally. This melee strength hero has a large focus on physical damage. They have also released a new targeting mechanic, vector entity.

Check out the HoN Hero Spotlight video just below.

S2Games has also released some information describing the Hero, how it can be used and what it's purpose in the game is. The description goes into significant depth, detailing item pick-ups and skill builds that would be a good idea on this new hero.

S2Games: In the armies of men and beast most soldiers are brave and true. They are loyal and follow the orders of the men who command them. But among the armies there must be leaders of men, generals to whom all others wills bend and heads bow. These are the men and women who take command of the forces that defend Newerth from the Hellbourne hoard. They give new meaning to the word hero and all men come to their call -- RALLY!

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