DreamHoN: The Good, The Best, The Fairest - Week one Recap

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 30 July 2012 22:44
The first week of DreamHon Summer Championship action is officially over (except CM vs. tdM); time to take a look back at the games and award and highlight those who deserve it most. We are not only emphasizing the greatest teams or the best matches, but also looking at individual performances that were outstanding and important.

Match of the Week
Malaysia Orange eSports
Europe QsQ 112
Map 1
Map 2.1
Map 2.2
Map 3.1
Map 3.2

It was the first day of competition and Orange eSports and QsQ 112 gave us a glimpse of what the next couple of weeks will be all about - intense and gripping Heroes of Newerth action. The game not only had a lot of implications in the group stage, given that the entire group was supposed to be on a very similar level, but it also delivered big plays, comebacks and teams that gave it their all.

After the first map, nobody really thought that this game would even go to a decider. Orange eSports dominated pretty much all the lanes and basically stated that they are a force to be reckoned with. QsQ 112 struggled from the beginning and couldn't figure out a way to deal with the aggressive play of the Malaysian team. In the end the game only lasted for 20 minutes until QsQ decided to concede. The second map started off in a very similar way. Orange eSports dominated the early game and every statistic implied that this match would only go on for two maps. QsQ 112 hung in their and, after one huge fight on the bottom lane, the tide turned all of a sudden. The unconventional pick of Balphagore paid off and the synergy between the Keeper of the Forest ultimate and the Balphagore ultimate proved to be a successful method to defend against the Malaysians. ORGE tried to mount a comeback late in the game, but after several lost engagements the entire QsQ squad had caught up in farm and were too strong to win against.

So it went to the deciding ace match in which both teams went back to a standard approach in terms of the Lineup, with ORGE eyeing a push-friendly team composition. This superior push presence in combination with beautiful Tempest ultimates were the deciding factor in the outcome of the match. After a hard fought competition ORGE pulled out the victory against the prospect team out of the QsQ forge, kicking off the group stage with a victory.

Other notable matches:

Australia Tt eSports vs. Other Vitriolic - Great matches with a lot of comebacks and the biggest upset of this tournament, yet. (VoD with Moonmeander and Franzii casting)

Russia Cats Gaming vs. Russia Team GA - It might not have been the greatest match in terms of skill, but it was the absolute highlight in terms of entertainment. Both teams went for an aggressive style, weird heroes and a lot of kills. (Honcast VoDs: 1 / 2/ 3 / 4 )

Best teams

This category is a little bit tricky, because some teams are known commodities in the scene and can be labeled as "Best teams" in pretty much every week. Therefore, this segment will feature great "known" teams, but also teams that showed impressive performances while being relatively new to the competitive scene.

compLexity Gaming
Drafter Carry Allrounder Support Support/Jungle
United States Bkid Denmark HaxxerenSingapore MoonmeanderUnited States Franzii Sweden Chessie

This team is the perfect example of being a known quantity in the scene. Pretty much every fan knows their preferences in terms of Lineups, still opponents haven't found a reliable way to counter that style. In the first week of Group B the coL team had pressure from two sides, but still left no doubt that they are one of the favorites for this entire tournament. Debuting for their new sponsor - the famous organization compLexity Gaming - put some extra pressure on the guys, while playing one of the toughest opponents in the entire - DreamOn. After the matches were done and coL took home the series with a clean sweep, the pressure became joy for the players and awe for the fans. Great execution of the gameplan, good ganks and well orchestrated team fights led to a commanding victory and a jump start into the tournament.

Drafter Carry Suicide/Short Support Support/Jungle
Brazil Tale Canada GorillaBrazil NiHonJiN__Brazil Gu_ Brazil VesTiuS_

Mostly unfamiliar, but still somewhat known - this weird label can be put on the Brazilians from Dynasty. After a good, courageous performance from the team in the CM Lockpick tournament, a forum post brought more and more attention to the team or at least the name of the team. The quality of the team and the style was still mysterious in a way. They left absolutely no doubt about the fact that they are a contender in Group B, after a dominating victory over SOSH. The entire match lasted only 45 minutes until Dynasty walked away with a clear 2:0 victory, storming into a perfect position for the following weeks. The first real test for the exciting and gank-oriented team from South America will come on Tuesday when they have to face the European team DreamOn.

Support Allrounder Jungle/Ganker Allrounder Allrounder
United States miikeys Sweden DarkwonyxUnited States BrizedCosta Rica ZaxiroK Sweden Zetpro

The team of Vitriolic was already well-known, atleast to a degree. Players like Darkwonyx, Zetpro, miikeys or Brized have been around the scene for a while, playing good and solid HoN. They were supposed to be in contention for one of the top spots in Group C, but still not the favorite to win their group. Now, after just one week of competition, the entire structure of Group C has shifted. With the victory over DreamHon Runner-up Tt eSports, the international roster of Vitriolic has proven their strength and is now in the driver's seat going forward.

Individual Awards

These "Individual Awards" are given out to those who helped their team in one particular game or on just one map. This can include pretty much everything, from getting a perfect stat-line to landing the perfect ultimates, dominating your lane in an absolute awesome fashion or carrying your team to victory. The main awards will be limited to three every week, notable or honorary mentions to highlight other deserving players will be attached.

Individual Award recipient
TempestMalaysia Shuiyu Malaysia Orange eSports 8/5/17 Three big Tempest ultimates

He was the deciding factor in the victory over QsQ 112 on map three. His Tempest ultimates were spot on and gave his team the advantage to push lanes, ultimately winning the game. Three great ultimates stand out above the others: the first one gave the bottom lane a little bit of breathing room. QsQ 112 tried to gank the dominating Slither at bottom, but a beautiful ultimate made the trade very cost efficient for the Malaysians. The second ultimate led to the bottom lane being completely pushed, both Baracks dying in the process. In an engagement, Shuiyu jumped into the fight and eliminated the two main heroes of QsQ with one ultimate. QsQ 112 couldn't retaliate after the ultimate and was forced to retreat with heavy losses, surrendering the entire bottom lane. The third ultimate happend on the top lane. Once again ORGE tried to utilize their push potential and the Tempest ultimate caught three heroes and forced QsQ to invest the last money into buybacks. The final instance of Shuiyu's play was the final moment of the game. In a desperate attempt to counter push, he jumped in and got all five heroes in one Elemental Void, ending the game on a high note.

Individual Award recipient
PollywogPriestBelgium z1ff QsQ 357 5/0/4 Winning Mid vs. Dual Lane

A Pollywog Priest is not supposed to win the middle lane against an opposing Dual Lane. Not only should he not win the lane, but he definetely should not get the Bloodlust kill against a Magebane. That's exactly what z1ff pulled out in the first match against the Nineties. Facing a Glacius/Magebane lane he was not behind in last hits and he got the Bloodlust kill against Magebane. After that he was an absolute beast. Solo-killing the Glacius with a Wardtrap and getting Glacius and Magebane after a little support of Nymphora. z1ff was one of the reason why QsQ357 steamrolled the Nineties on the first map, taking out their strong lane single-handedly.

Individual Award recipient
PlagueRiderBrazil NiHonJiN_ Brazil Dynasty 8/1/9 Shattering PR ultimates

Granted, the Plague Rider ultimate has elements of luck to it. It can give you the perfect bounces and make you the hero of the game, or it can bounce to neutral creeps in the worst possible moment. Still the placement of the Plague ultimate shown by NiHonJiN_ was absolutely fantastic. He got a Hattrick in a little skirmish early in the game - resulting in the first Genocide of the game. In the later phases of the game, if you can really find later stages of the first map, he delivered great ultimates two more times, leading to a very fast victory of his team on the first map.

Other individual achievements:

Sweden Probusk - FIT: Getting the rare Annihilation on the second map against saishii
Russia GloomySmile - Team GA: Using the red power-throw on Aluna to snipe - results was a Double Tap.
Malaysia kiddo` - MuFC: On the first map against Call it Karma he turned a gank against him into a Hattrick for him. Also he came very close to completing his immortal.

Honorary Award

The "Honorary Award" is for teams, players or casters, who do awesome stuff outside of the normal awards. So if you show perfect sportsmanship, if you promote a certain cause with your play and your actions or something similar, it will get a mention here. This Award is to highlight actions that will go unnoticed most of the time.

Honorary Award
United States Sender Sweden iNsaniaSweden mmbzaiDenmark LezzQQ Germany Khezu

The guys from DreamOn deserve a lot of credit for their sportsmanlike conduct in the second map against compLexity Gaming. After 30 minutes of play and a big disadvantage in the game, lag issues on compLexity's side caused disconnects and long pauses. DreamOn showed their fair side by offering many solutions to the problem. After Franzii disconnected from the server and seemed to be gone for the entire game, iNsania offered to leave the game to make it an even 4v4. Franzii came back, but the lag continued and coL had issues with the connection further in the game. So DreamOn decided to concede and don't force any weird disconnection laws or other situations, dragging the game even longer. For that sportsmanship they deserve a lot of credit, not every team would have done it.