DreamHon Summer Championship groups drawn: Group of "D"eath

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 26 July 2012 00:38
After exciting days of Heroes of Newerth action in the first stage of the DreamHon Summer Championship, the groups for the second phase have been selected. Usually one group stands out as the "Group of Death" and this time the Group D gets this stigma.

DreamHon Champion seeded in "Group of Death"

Group drawings are always an exciting and intense part of a tournament as it can determine the final outcome of the tournament and lead to a demise of promising teams. The term "Group of Death" is a usual phrase that gets thrown around on those occasions and now labels Group D of DreamHon Summer Championship. With the reigning champions Fnatic and prospect teams like Clan Milk, TmRy, QsQ 1 and CantDoSpaces the group looks particularly strong. Arguably, Fnatic is the favorite, but with their focus switching more and more to Dota 2, a couple of teams could actually dethrone them and jump in the driver seat of the group.

Battle of QsQ in Group A

Group A is highlighted by the battle of the QsQ squads. Three teams from the program will actually play in this group and compete for suprimacy in the QsQ organization and for the chance to advance further. Still QsQ will not just walk through the group and be the only attraction as well-known teams like Nineties, Orange eSports, Smackdown Syndrome, unZ and Pikachu all got drawn into one of the scaries groups in the entire phase two.

tdM with tough tasks ahead

Group B will see American standout Trademark eSports going in as the favorite for the first spot. Nevertheless, the competition for this top spot or even the second place could be really tight with teams like DreamOn, FIT, iMpunity gunning for these coverted placements. Even the remaining four teams like saishii or Dynasty have shown really good performances over the course of the last month, with Dynasty going head-to-head with Tt eSports in the Clan Milk Lockpick Cup exceeding all expectations. Still, the teams are most likely just looking for an upset here and there.

Tt eSports undisputed favorite

Last in the ranking of strength is arguably Group C with the runner-up from DreamHon Tt eSports claiming the position of absolute favorites. Still, the group holds a lot of interesting storylines in place like "Clash of the Russians" with GA and Cats Gaming going against each other. Additionally, the group will see a good international roster in Vitriolic and a good Southeast Asian team MuFC coming off a good experience at the DreamHack Summer event. The other three European teams FackyouKurdi, QoP and Call it Karma are a little bit of unknown quantities at this point, but this is their time to shine and make a name for themselves.

DreamHon Summer Championship Groups
Group AGroup B
Malaysia Orange eSports0-00United States Trademark eSports0-00
Europe QsQ 3570-00United States saishii0-00
Sweden Nineties0-00Europe FIT0-00
Europe Pikachu0-00Malaysia iMpunity 0-00
Europe unZ0-00Europe Boce0-00
Europe Smackdown Syndrome0-00Europe Sons of Shaka0-00
Europe QsQ 6130-00Brazil Dynasty0-00
Europe QsQ 1120-00Europe DreamOn0-00
Group CGroup D
Australia Tt eSports0-00Europe fnatic0-00
Russia Cats Gaming0-00Europe Grabblords0-00
Russia GA0-00Other TmRy0-00
Europe FackyouKurdi0-00Europe ILight0-00
Europe QoP0-00Europe QsQ 10-00
Malaysia MuFC0-00Europe CantDoSpaces0-00
Europe Call it Karma0-00United States ClanMilk0-00
Other Vitriolic0-00Europe easy breezey0-00

The games will start tomorrow at 21 CET with the four matches from Group A. Honcast and ZyoriTV will each stream one game from the day, with ZyoriTV taking over the SEA participant.