Marriage between Druidz and Nineties over before it starts

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 21 July 2012 23:22
Just about two weeks ago the long absence of the Druidz organization from Heroes of Newerth came to an end by them picking up the hot team Nineties. After a short period of time and almost no tournaments however, the team informed the sponsors that the cooperation is not happening due to contract changes.

Druidz E-Sports already have a bad reputation in the Heroes of Newerth scene because of several short stints with numerous teams and this image is likely not to change with the recent developements surrounding the pickup of the Ninetees. The Swedish team informed the public that they've been approached by the Swedish organization about two weeks ago. The first draft of the contracts were looking fine and the team decided to tag up right away. Now the tags have been removed again and the contracts are still missing the ink.

The player Viktor 'PhilMcHunt' Sjöberg recently opened a thread at the official forum stating that the cooperation is already off the table. PhilMcHunt also gives the reasoning for this sudden step away from the potential sponsorship. Apparently, the Swedish organization has added a couple of new terms to the original contract demanding all the prize money from the team. Those earnings would have been used to pay for the trips, making the team ultimately paying for the trips to events from their own pocket. Those newly added clauses have lead the team away from the contracts. The Druidz haven't issued a public statement on this matter, explaining their side of the story.

Lineup The Nineties:
Sweden Jacob 'OwnedByAKid' Persson
Sweden Viktor 'PhilMcHunt' Sjöberg
Sweden Isak ' Hoggi`' Höglund
Sweden Emil 'Superkge' Karlsson
Sweden Mattias 'Playride' Carlsson
Sweden Adrian 'Aellgi' Ellgren

Source: HoN forums