Tt eSports win Clan Milk $2500 Lockpick Tourney

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 13 July 2012 14:14
Tt eSports continues to pile up tournament victories in their trophy room as they took the Clan Milk $2500 Lockpick HoN Tournament by storm. The event itself, more specifically the finals, were not without issues, though.

90 teams decided to participate in one of the very first events to be played using the new lockpick mode. In the stacked upper part of the bracket we saw the new Druidz e-Sport go down to Winston CharmADON, before they were themselves knocked out by the host team of Clan Milk in the quarter-finals. The other side of the bracket was a pretty straight forward affair for the reformed roster of Trademark eSports, who proceeded to the finals after coming out on top of Team AFK, who previously upset Vitriolic Gaming.

The gameplay in the grand finals between Tt eSports and Trademark eSports unfortunately took a back seat as the Americans complained about lag issues and doubt of a DDoS attack. There were problems from the get-go as team captain Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl and newly recruited Peter 'Peterpandam' Dager were getting disconnects and complained about lag but the game went on and was eventually won by the Australians. The second game of the series went smoothly and ended up in favor of the previously lag-infested team to even the score at 1-1. The issues came back during the deciding game of the match, though, as 'Tralf' was once again presented with connection and lag related problems which made him unable to play at all. The admins presented to Tt eSports two options, to play the game or to demand a forfeit win. They decided to wait for the issues to resolve and play on, but that was soon followed by the American team-captain once again disconnecting from the game after which his team passed the concede vote. According to the tournament rules this meant they forfeited the game.

Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl later said:
I have logs of all DoS attacks that have been made on me – in fact they’re literally labeled in my router as “DoS Attack:” and then something like “: Port Killer” – there’s several different names. Hoping we could eventually set up a rematch of the third game, or even the whole series. Or EVEN us down a game – I don’t really mind, I just want to play good games with no lag in a grand final (much like what happened in game 2). I hope the proof I provided to Milkfat of my logs will suffice-

A remake of the final series or a single game of the series is still possible, although highly unlikely.

Clan Milk $2500 HoN Tournament bracket

Clan Milk $2500 HoN Tournament VODs

Clan Milk $2500 HoN Tournament Results:
1. Australia Tt eSports - $1250
2. UnitedStates Trademark eSports - $750
3. UnitedStates Clan Milk - $500

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