Peterpandam and Haxxeren join Trademark

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 13 July 2012 13:41
After we reported last week that Alex 'Sender' Wieker is no longer part of Trademark eSports, another bomb hit the scene as Zakari 'ZFreeK' Freedman has also been untagged from the team.

The team nor it's members have disclosed an official explanation why they are no longer part of the team.

It is a new beginning for the American eSports organization and their Heroes of Newerth team, though, as they've recruited UnitedStates Peter 'Peterpandam' Dager and Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen recently.

Peterpandam was a member of the team in the past, but after internal conflicts with his teammates, they parted ways and he's been playing for a couple other teams since then. It will be interesting to see if their relationship can take a new turn now. He seems confident it will and has posted on his facebook page:

Tagged up today with Trademark eSports(tdM). Even though we’ve had an interesting history we are looking stronger than ever and I can’t wait to dominate the competitive scene![/redquote2]

Haxxeren is widely considered to be one of the very best carry players in Europe at the moment and was part of Team It's Gosu at DreamHoN Summer 2011, after which they disbanded and went separate ways.

As for the future of the two former members, Sender and ZFreeK, it is rumored they could join up with Kyle 'swindlemelonzzz' Freedman to form a new team on the scene.

UnitedStates Trademark eSports roster:
UnitedStates Mark 'Tralfamadore' Seidl (c)
UnitedStates Josh 'bkid' Choi
Canada David 'Moonmeander' Tan
UnitedStates Peter 'Peterpandam' Dager
Denmark Jeppe 'Haxxeren' Jensen