FnaticRC farewells to NoVa

Posted by Brady "blitzking" Williamson at 29 June 2012 01:52

The German annouces his retirement from his long standing team Fnatic. The team has won a multitude of competitions spanning over 2 years, including the claiming of 4 consecutive ESL titles.

NoVa has stated that he will be returning to Heroes of Newerth, back to his roots. The Support player has also stated that he himself is ready to build up a new squad to compete in HoN. For now he has no teams or organisations in mind that he would like to be apart of.

Over the past few months I had less and less time to devote to progaming due to other things that needed my attention, effort and time. I stopped streaming, coaching to an extent and had very little fan contact in general. Yet everyone else in Fnatic managed to train more than twice the amount of games I did.

This obviously hurt the team performance atleast within Dota2. And even though most 'other things' have been resolved and completed by now, it would be somewhat delusional to force my team to wait for me until I have caught up.

Combined with the fact that I still played a couple HoN games here and there it was time to go for a new chapter in my professional gaming career.

FnaticRC Response:
For now our Dota 2 / HoN will remain without 5th player, with possible stand-ins for team leagues and upcoming tournaments.

We'd like to thank Jascha for all his time and effort that he has put into FnaticRC, making it the best HoN team there ever was, and wish him good luck in all of his future endeavors.

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