$5000 Cooler Master HoNor Tournament announced

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 01 June 2012 00:00
Cyber Sports Network announced the third in a series of their very own Heroes of Newerth tournaments. The event is open to all teams that wish to participate and will feature three stages with a $5000 in cash and hardware prize pool.

The tournament will host a 128 team Open Qualifier, followed by a 16 team Group Stage and ending with an 8 team double elimination Championship Bracket.

Stage 1 - Open Qualifiers
128 Team Single Elimination Bracket
Round 1 - Best of 1
Round 2 - Best of 1
All remaining Rounds - Bo3
Top 16 Teams advance to Group Stage

Stage 2 - Group Stage
4 Groups of 4 Teams (seeding determined by current and previous results)
Round Robin Scheduling
2 match series per set - Each map/match = win or loss
Top 2 from each group advance to Championship Bracket

Stage 3 - Championship Bracket
Top 8 teams from Group stage will compete in double elimination bracket
Top 3 finishers rewarded prizing

For additional information and to sign-up for this event, head over to Cyber Sports Network.

Cyber Sports Network - Source