Frenetic Array conquer PLAY RaidCall HoN Cup #2

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 25 May 2012 15:27
Frenetic Array confirmed their recent good form by smashing the competition in the second FnaticPLAY RaidCall HoN Cup which featured a $1000 prize pool.

Earlier in the tournament Team Pikachu managed to upset Team It's Gosu, who've been on a decline lately, and continued to fight their way through to the semi-finals. This achievement by the Swedish team was just about the only surprise of the tournament, with the usual suspects all reaching the later stages of the event.

Their Cinderella-story came to end when they lost to the Blackfade powerhouse 2-1 in the already mentioned semi-finals. On the other side of the bracket met the two heavy favorites in Frenetic Array and Trademark eSports, with the Australians coming out on top with a convincing 2-0.Trademark eSports got some consolation as they beat Team Pikachu in the 3rd place decider match.

The two finalists then gave us an exciting three-game series in which Frenetic Array managed to edge out their European rivals and grab the main prize of $500.

VODs of this event are availabe at

FnaticPLAY RaidCall HoN Cup #2 Results:
1. Australia Frenetic Array - $500
2. Europe Blackfade - $300
3. UnitedStates Trademark eSports - $200

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