Trademark defend ESL Major Series title

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 23 May 2012 13:02
After a couple months of fierce competition, Trademark eSports grabbed another major tournament victory as they came on top of the competition this past weekend in the ESL Major Series Season X and took home the €2500 prize. They defeated Frenetic Array 2-1 in the finals, who deserved a €1500 consolation prize.

8 teams fought their way through to the playoffs via 4 groups of 4 to duke it out in a single elimination best-of-three format.

In the previous season, Trademark eSports took out Frenetic Array in the semi-finals, so the Australians were undoubtedly looking for revenge this time round.

The three game series didn't start as they planned it will, though. The Americans are known for running with the Sillhouette pick, so they were more than prepared for to counter the hero when their opponents decided to pick her up. The jump potential provided by Hag and Pebbles and the AOE backup from the rest of the team was just enough to completely shut down the scary hard carry and give them the lead they were looking for from the initial match of the series.

The Aussies didn't take a note from Trademark's playbook and decided to let Electrician and Sillhouette farm away to their hearts content, but instead gave Cthulu the role to counter Ophelia. This seemed to be a rather dubious decision during the early and mid game phases, but paid off later on once they were able to pick-up their core defensive items, Trademark just didn't have the damage output needed to overwhelm the defenders and the tides turned.

The last game of the tied series was a perfect example of how much of an impact drafting has on the outcome of a match. Trademark picked up five heroes that can deal damage from afar and made sure to use four of them to shut down the enemy Pebbles so he can't put pressure on their ace out of the sleeve - Sand Wraith. The gamble paid off and 20 minutes into the game they had a strong 15-3 hero kill lead, a lead which was more than enough for them to secure another ESL Major Series victory and defend the title.

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ESL Major Series X Results
1. UnitedStates Trademark eSports - €2500
2. Australia Frenetic Array - €1500
3. UnitedStates Clan Milk - €1000

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