Frenetic Array, Blackfade and Trademark eSports qualify for DreamHON

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 10 May 2012 15:25
Three of the six regional qualifiers for the DreamHON tournament that is due to take place at DreamHack Summer 2012 in Jönköping, Sweden from 16th to 19th June featuring a $60,000 prizepool sponsored by Alienware Arena have been wrapped up and we now know who the Oceanic, North American and European representatives will be.

Oceanic DreamHON Qualifier

After being defeated by Frenetic Array in the Winners Bracket Quarter Finals, 1Day fought their way through five matches in the Losers Bracket to deserve a berth to the Grand Finals where they once again met up with the heavy favorites for the DreamHON spot in the Oceanic region.

The underdogs, despite showing a good effort during the early stages of their two matches, were no match for the Frenetic Array veterans and after two relatively quick and painless matches it meant that we will see them in Sweden once again this summer.

Australia Frenetic Array 3 - 0 1Day Australia

European DreamHON Qualifier

The incredibly stacked 128-team bracket of the European qualifier came to an end with Blackfade and sGty fighting it out for a single spot in the main event. The two teams already met in the previous round, the Winners Bracket Finals when the team made out of former Lions members strengthened with Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman managed to throw away a win they already had in the pocket and thus were forced to win against Team It's Gosu in the Losers Bracket before earning a chance in the Grand Finals, which they succeeded at.

Once there, Blackfade done an exceptional job of executing their heavy push strategy against the hard carry Sillhouette in game one. In the next match which was extremely close for during the early and mid-game stages, they capitalized on some dubious decision making by the ex-Lions players and grabbed two back-to-back wins to secure their spot in the $60,000 main event in June.

Europe Blackfade 3 - 0 ComingSoon/sGty Europe

North American DreamHON Qualifier

As expected from the North American powerhouse, Trademark eSports blazed through the Winners Bracket straight to the Grand Finals. There they met up with Fun In the Sun Gaming, who stunned the scene by playing on their smurf accounts but are in reality former HoN and current Dota2 pros in the likes of Tarano, Korok and PAINTITGOLD, who were in turn upset by Brens Beasty Bois in the Quarter Finals so they had to go through three more matches in the Losers Bracket before eventually reaching the finals.

Trademark eSport's recent training regime paid off and they made quick work of the mysterious trolls from team FUN. The favorites drafted two almost identical hero line-ups in the two matches, while on the other hand it was obvious that their opponents are not "up to the meta" and their talent was not enough to overcome the odds. Team tDm made quick work of their enemies in the two trashtalk filled games and secured their spot in the DreamHON finals.

UnitedStates Trademark eSports 3 - 0 Fun In The Sun UnitedStates

DreamHON @ DreamHack Summer 2012
Participating Teams
Reigning ChampionsEurope FnaticRaidCall
Oceanic QualifierAustralia Frenetic Array
European QualifierEurope Blackfade
North American QualifierUnitedStates Trademark eSports
Russian QualifierTBD
Southeast Asian QualifierTBD
Korean QualifierTBD
BYOC QualifierTBD

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