Trademark eSports wins It's Gosu March Invitational, April tournament series announced

Posted by Mario "Kolapz" Mađer at 05 April 2012 12:17
Trademark eSports grabbed their first major tournament victory since January as they came on top of the competition this past weekend in the It's Gosu March HoN Invitational and took home the $1000 prize. They defeated Team It's Gosu in the finals, who deserved a $200 consolation prize.

Eight teams fought their way through to the invitational via 2 open qualifiers to duke it out in a single elimination best-of-three format.

It's Gosu March Invitational
Participating Teams
via Qualifier #1via Qualifier #2
UnitedStates Trademark eSportsEurope Team It's Gosu
UnitedStates InclementEurope FnaticRaidCall
Europe Aerosol eSportsUnitedStates Brens Beasty Boys
Australia Frenetic ArrayNorway BX3 eSports

It's Gosu March Invitational Brackets

The tough draw pitted the reigning champions of Frenetic Array up against FnaticRaidCall already in the first round and they were unable to pass the test. Other initial matches went mostly as expected, with all the favorites grabbing more or less easy 2-0 victories. Both semi-final match-ups ended with the same results as the two top seeded teams in Trademark eSports and Team It's Gosu reached the finals.

Once there, spectators were up for a treat. In the first game of the series the North Americans' tanky lineup was in the lead from the get-go against the home team's bursty/teamfight heroes and secure a relatively painless victory. The hour long second game of the series finished with an incredibly intense base race with the closest finish possibly ever in the history of the genre, as Trademark eSports sacked the Sacrificial Shrine with only 2 health points remaining on their own base.

It's Gosu March Invitational Results:
1. UnitedStates Trademark eSports - $1000
2. Europe Team It's Gosu - $200
3./4. Europe FnaticRaidCall / UnitedStates Inclement

VODs are available at both and

Right as the tournament concluded, the It's Gosu organization announced their tournament series for April, featuring an identical format of two open qualifiers and an invitational, but with an increased prizepool of $3200 sponsored by S2 Games and community member 'MsMia'.

It's Gosu April Tournaments Schedule

It's Gosu April Open #1
Friday, Apr 13 2012 (starting 3 pm EST, 21.00 CET) - Saturday, Apr 14 2012 (starting 3 pm EST, 21.00 CET) - 400$

It's Gosu April Open #2
Friday, Apr 20 2012 (starting 3 pm EST, 21.00 CET) - Saturday, Apr 21 2012 (starting 3 pm EST, 21.00 CET) - 400$

It's Gosu April Invitational
Friday, Apr 27 2012 (starting 3 pm EST, 21.00 CET) - Saturday, Apr 28 2012 (starting 1 pm EST, 19.00 CET) - 2400$

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