Frenetic Array takes out the Sydney Gamers League event

Posted by Seb "shinkz" Torr at 29 January 2012 14:49
Frenetic Array has taken out the Sydney Gamers League Heroes of Newerth LAN Tournament in Sydney, Australia to claim a first place prize of $1,750 cash and $1,000 in product value. The event featured the best players in the country fighting it out for a massive prize pool ($3,500 cash and $3,000 Product RRP).

Aside from Frenetic Array, the event featured players from 1Day, MindFreak eSports and Penguins as well as a few other more well-known Australian teams. The games were shoutcasted on the Tt eSports channel by TriumphOfMan and also by the event facilitated gamestah shoutcasters. There was even a webcam being streamed on Frenetic Array’s page. It has been great to see the growth in the Australian HoN scene especially since Frenetic Array’s placing at the DreamHack event.

The event did not go 100% to planned; there was a few hiccups in the early stages that resulted in a rather large delay and the scrapping of the group stages (that were planned). The teams involved came together and made a decision regarding the format changes. The decision was to go straight to the play-off stage but include all the teams in the double-elimination format.

Placements and Prizes:
1st – Frenetic Array ($1,750 cash + $1,000 product)
2nd – Penguins ($1,000 cash + 5xASUS Vulcans)
3rd – BVD_AND ($500 cash + $500 product)
4th – Conflict Resolution ($250 cash)

1st Place Winners, [fray]: Valkyra – sLiCKz – dabeliuteef – Jabbawabba – Wyt`

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