Infused Cup - Brackets Announced

Posted by Matt "Blue_Knight" J at 22 January 2012 18:02
The brackets for the first round of next weekend's Infused Cup tournament have finally been drawn.

In the interest of competition, a seeding system was used to create the first round brackets, which has presented us with some interesting match-ups.

Infused Dota 2 Tournament
Team Seeding
01 Ukraine Na'Vi
02 Australia Absolute Legends
03 United States Evil Geniuses
04 Sweden eXperience
05 Russia Moscow 5
06 Russia DTS
07 Denmark SK Gaming
08 Sweden mTw
09 Sweden Team Infused
10 Serbia Fnatic.RC
11 Germany Mousesports
12 United States Its GoSu
13 France Western Wolves
14 United States FIRE
15 Kazakhstan
16 Romania Team Dignitas
17 Germany Panzer
18 Germany Team Replika
19 Ukraine eSahara
20 United States co9.GDT
21 Europe Reason Gaming
22 Russia Team-Empire
23 Europe Epidemic
24 Europe myRevenge e.V.
25 Sweden Dafuq
26 Europe Monoesports
27 Argentina DotaGamerz
28 Sweden Keita-Gaming
29 Germany Just Dota 2
30 Sweden Visualize Your Enmity
31 Singapore AEONSports
32 Sweden KonKi

Predictably, Ukraine Na'Vi take the top seed, and following them are the recently sponsored AustraliaAbsolute Legends (formerly Natural 9), and then the star-studded squads of United StatesEvil Geniuses and Sweden eXperience in second, third and fourth respectively.

Going up against them and the numerous other big names in the tournament will be the unproven talents of teams such as EuropeMonoesports, Sweden Keita-Gaming and Sweden Visualize Your Enmity.

However, with the majority of the teams participating next weekend having recently found sponsors for themselves, there is obviously faith in their potential, and potential for upsets.

GosuGamers will be adding full Gosubet coverage for the tournament as it progresses, so don't forget to place your bets. Tune in this Saturday, January 28th, when the action gets underway from 14:00 CET, with Luminous and TobiWan set to shoutcast a selection of the first day's games.

Team Infused - Tournament streams and grid
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