INTERVIEW: DruiDz Ikzu: 'not really worried about the group'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 21 November 2011 15:45

GosuGamers sat down with Druidz team member Konrad "Ikzu" Jonasson for a chat before the €32,750 DreamHack MSI Beat IT tournament.

Hi Konrad, nice to have you with us today! How is the practice for DreamHack going?
- Hello! It's going great at the moment, we have played a lot of scrims already and soon epsilon will arrive at the bootcamp aswell for more and more practice!

Where are you bootcamping? Tell more about the place!
- We are bootcamping at Druidz Headquarters, it's placed in Jönköping.

The groups were announced late yesterday. What do you think of the competition in your group?
- It's gonna be some difficult matches of course and no team should be underestimated but I'm not really worried about the group. OK and Lions are strong but other than that we shouldn't have so much trouble winning, in my opinion at least.


Tell me more about your team mates, and what roles you will be playing!
- First of all I must say that my teammates are great! We have great synergy and everyone comes along so well together. And that is such an important thing for a team to be able to keep together for the long run. As for the roles we have Sjo as main support, playing mostly heroes like nova does (Glacius, Demented, Nymph).

Archi plays normally some semi support/ganker role but he also plays his stronk trembleichous. Me, chessie and revyy play almost everything. Of course we have some certain heroes each but we play mostly the same role.

And finally, any last words for your fans or upcoming opponents?

- I want to thank all viewers that me, chessie and architiger get, and the support we get from the people believing in us! And also I wanna thank our sponsor DruiDz and my own "d00m" crew.

DruiDz lineup
Sweden Sanel “ArchiTigeR” Talic
Sweden Jonas “Revyy” Olander
Sweden Konrad “Ikzu” Jonasson
Sweden Erik “sjo” Sjöström
Sweden Rasmus “Chessie” Blomdin