BWCL starts back up

Posted by Marius "LML" Zächer at 12 November 2011 22:36
BWCL is going into its 40th season already and this season is to start tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 17CET the new BWCL season will start into its first playday.
The time is set to 17CET and the day is set to Sunday, the big change will be that instead of two divisions we will only see one division with a total of eleven teams in it.
It seems like the mappool has also changed, if it has been to the better or worse depends on opinion, but we even see Lost Temple 2.4 to be in there which will also be tomorrow's starting map.

The clan league is going to be played on iCCup, as usual, and the meeting channel will be BWCL, just as the league's name.

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