'We will respect PIS's decision'

Posted by Kai "Treble1999" Chua at 07 August 2011 18:19
178 DotA secured an interview with DK's manager Farseer during the opening rounds of WCG China, asking his opinion on his team's performances and his take on the recent volatility in the chinese scene, and also the team's plans for DotA 2. The translated transcript of the interview below.

Thank you for accepting this interview, first off, what are your views on DK’s group in the WCG?
I feel that we were lucky to land in this group, and there shouldn’t be too much pressure on the players, so we should be able to progress together with TyLoo fairly comfortably.

What is your take on Wang Sicong’s (with Invictus-Gaming) foray into the E-sports scene and your view on the way he went about making a team?
He bought 2 teams in quick succession and continues to look to poach more players, I feel that their entry into the scene is very sudden and left many of those in the business shell-shocked and made many waves in the scene.

Did any of your players receive an invitation to join iG?

Are you at liberty to reveal the player’s identity?

Following PIS’s recent inactivity, who do you have lined up to replace him?
With PIS leaving the team, the player to replace him will be yueru. In practice he has performed quite well and I can confidently say he has improved tremendously.

Because of this we were unable to go to Germany...
Do you think PIS leaving the team will have any impact on the team or the scene in general?
Well of course it has its implications. PIS departure left us short of members and forced us into an impromptu roster change. Because of this we were unable to go to Germany (for The International). As for its impact on the scene I don’t think it will be that great, but as this is PIS’s personal decision we will respect it.

The synergy between PIS, BurNing and the other players in the team seemed to be quite a problem, what were some of the strategies you used to combat this problem?
Well to overcome this problem we tried a lot of different methods but with little success, this disappointment might be one of the reasons behind PIS’s decision. However our team play is getting better and better, together with recent month long intensive training I feel DK’s standard has improved by leaps and bounds.

...this disappointment might be one of the reasons behind PIS’s decision.
What is your target for WCG?
Our aim is to of course be the champions but we will take it step by step and focus on each game as it comes.

Who do you think is your main competitor?
In terms of ability, I think it is CCM (now iG).

Do you have any specific strategies to overcome the opposition? Any secret weapons?
We have practiced a few strategies which will come in handy during the elimination stages. As for secret weapons we just practiced a lot with some of the heroes the players are most comfortable with. the moment we have not made a decision whether to transfer the current team over to DotA 2
[With the recent developments in the world of DotA and with DotA 2 expected to be released soon, what is your plan for the team?
We have thought about it but at the moment we have not made a decision whether to transfer the current team over to DotA 2 or to find a whole new team. We will have to see whether DotA 2 becomes wide-spread in China.

Do you think Wang Sicong’s investment in the scene will have any impact on DK? His team, CCM together with 4 ex-LGD members looks extremely intimidating on paper.
I feel that he has made definitely put more pressure on everyone but I feel that increased pressure will lead to greater efficiency and better performances by the players, one or two teams will not be able to totally change the scene. Although ex-LGD and CCM are very formidable, it does not mean they will surely win everything, other teams, such as DK, TyLoo and WE are still very competitive.

He has announced plans to recruit even more players and seems to have his eyes set on the more established players such as BurNing, how do you feel about this?
I feel that he did not mean that he will be poaching all the prominent players but rather will act as a guide for other teams and organizations. As for BurNing we will let him decide but as things stand it doesn’t look likely that he will leave.

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