The American HoN Reshuffle

Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong at 01 July 2011 22:35
The American HoN teams have always been absent from major European HoN LANs, which sadly denies them the opportunity to face off against teams like FnaticMSI face to face. After yet another no-show by major e-Sports giants Evil Geniuses and SK Gaming at DreamHack Summer for a variety of reasons, changes have been made in hopes that an American HoN team will finally grace the Elmia at DreamHack Winter.

What was left of the beta We Heart Pigs vs 5 rivalry came to a somewhat odd conclusion as the Evil Geniuses team decided to join SK Gaming while SK dropped the remaining 3 members of their former roster. "What SK Gaming is seeking though is a stable roster that can exist over a very long period of time. The reason behind this is that we are willing to send the team to Europe for larger events, for example Dreamhack Winter in November," said SK manager Timothy "Merusame" Ellersiek.

SK Gaming team transfer

UnitedStates Orie "YoDa" GuoCanada Nick "Testie" Perenthesis
UnitedStates Robert "Bdiz" TinnesUnitedStates Mike "CarDinaL" Smith
UnitedStates Allen "FujiApples" TuUnitedStates Ioannis "Fogged" Loucas
UnitedStates Steven "Korok" Ashworth
UnitedStates Andrew "Riser_" Bronze
UnitedStates Brendan "se`busca" Taveirne

Orie "YoDa" Guo, the sole survivor of We Heart Pig's 1st class, explained the reasoning behind the move.

UnitedStates [SK] YoDa
We've had a rough road when it comes to sponsors. Essentially, everyone so far that wanted to sponsor us wasn't used to dealing with American HoN teams. Every tournament was either a costly LAN in Europe or an online tournament - no American LANs that they could afford to send us to. EG wasn't any different.

Considering the only purpose we would even have to sign with a sponsor is to go to LAN events, this was unacceptable. We've now worked out a deal with SK that is more appropriate for HoN, and look forward to being able to proudly represent SK at any big LAN events that S2 Games or any other organization happens to host for the duration of our cooperation.

The move also means a welcome home celebrations are in store for Robert "Bdiz" Tinnes, who was once SK Gaming captain when they were runners-up in our GosuGamers HoN World Cup and Steven "Korok" Ashworth, who had a very short stint with the former team.

UnitedStates [SK] Bdiz
I'm a newer guy with the team, and can't speak of the relationship with EG, however I am looking forward to a bright future with the SK Gaming organization. As many of you know, I played for the organization before for quite a long time. SK has always been a very professional and straight forward organization whenever I talked to them in the past about anything, and I'm looking forward to representing SK at LAN events and meeting some of the faces at SK that I know so well!

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