JaeDong achieves 100 wins against Zerg players

Posted by Lukasz "McBat" Grzelak at 20 June 2011 16:36

JaeDong has been struggling to achieve an accomplishment of 100 wins against Zerg players and even though he met transient problems, he managed to reach his goal eventually.

Jaedon, being about one win away from reaching 100 victories in clashes with Zerg players from over one month was not able to achieve that personal record, until June 18th, when he managed to defeat Zerg[KaL], in the Shinhan ProLeague 2010-2011 match between Hwaseung OZ and MBC Game HERO.

Earlier, despite the support of the team and to be issued in matches against Zerg players, JaeDong has been collecting defeats only. He lost against players like soulkey, hero[join] and ggaemo who was usually not a major problem for him.

In the game against Zerg[KaL], JaeDong used the same build as his opponent but was lucky enough to kill 4 drones of Zerg[KaL], losing nothing in exchange and dominating the air afterwards. That game seemed to be breakthrough for JaeDong, after that he came out of his bad run of 4 loses in a row, now winning two games in a row.

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