2010 for Evil Geniuses

Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong at 31 December 2010 04:41

With 2010 finally coming to an end, here's an article summarizing the events surrounding HoN's top American team. GosuGamers sits down with a couple members from the team and talks about what a year they've had, and of course, their upcoming matches in the HoN World Cup.

UnitedStates bkid (Team Captain)
UnitedStates YoDa
SouthKorea chu
UnitedStates se`busca
UnitedStates Dodo
UnitedStates `pokedex
UnitedStates FujiApples
So thanks for agreeing to do this guys, why don't you start by introducing yourselves.

Hi I'm YoDa aka BoroMMaKoT.

My name is chu, and I'm a Heroes of Newerth player.

Hi, I'm FujiApples.

Fun fact:
Collectively, We Heart Pigs [WHP] and fiVe [5] won everything they joined up til the 15th of March when neither reached the finals of a GameReplays Qualifier which Take it to the House [T7H] won over FnaticMSI [MSI]. Achievements for WHP during this period included HoN League Check Six SideWinder and multiple GR Qualifiers.
So, how did the team come about originally as WHP and what do you guys feel about your initial dominance in the scene along with 5 at the beginning of 2010?

Originally, bkid and I knew each other from DXD. We joined up and started playing with Pig and Fpigs (Fanta and NukeZ from DotA), and Cardinal and Dodo and a couple others also showed interest in playing with us competitively as well.

Then I came along.

After like GR1 (the first first tourney ever) we ran into chu in some pubs and played with him extensively and finally decided to recruit him as a farmer. His recruitment also pushed Dodo into recruitment. I think our dominance of early tournaments was really since we were the only ones with any tournament experience. Most other teams were just people who had been winning because the game was so young.

Me and Dodo almost joined 143, but we finally decided to join WHP based on the Asian : White ratio.

Up til today, EG always had at least 4 Asian starters.

Fuji, you were originally playing for a team called TeL, how did the transition of you joining up with them happen?

JCP`Lord asked me to join a team with him and dark legend. We didn't really have a solid team. When dark legend quit HoN without a word I just left TeL too and chu practically begged me to join x6 after that so I did.

TeL was a team of inhouse regulars, which Fuji was a part of. They were pretty good but didn't have any real competitive desire so after his stellar inhouse play, we asked and Fuji joined us.

Jeff "Pig" Tang,
leader of EG's
first class
Despite having one of the more stable rosters in the HoN scene, quite a few players have come and gone from the original WHP roster such as warden, Pig, Foooz, merc. Who do you guys miss the most? And if they wanted back in, who would you take in?

Pig was originally our captain and he left due to IRL issues and I have the most memories with him, including the launch party so it'd be him.

Warden, not for his skills but for his charm and wit. Plus warden is white and we have too many Asians right now. Shoutout to merc though, most selfless early game player.

Skill-wise, warden was definitely the worst out of all of them. Personally I miss fpigs the most, but only by paper thin. I really miss everyone and they are still a part of our team, they are just focusing their time on more important things.

I miss everyone.

Which tournament was the most memorable for you guys? Both offline and online, and why?

HoN Launch Party:
Sponsored by Alienware, this was probably the first grand event for HoN in conjunction with it's release for retail. Star player chu was forced out due to passport issues so YoDa went in his place. A poll done by Honcast showed a large majority of the community thinking that WHP would fall to 5 without chu. They were wrong.
Offline, definitely the HoN launch. I gladly took chu's $500 because he's a dumb fob. Online I think it was the Honcast tournament where we beat MSI in the finals, but this world cup seems like it may be more memorable. Really though the HoN launch was sweet because it was also local; a lot of my friends came to watch me play and the location was super nice. It was also the first time meeting my teammates face to face.

Singapore DYA, it was my first time traveling out of the country and I shared the plane ride both ways with Dodo and bkid. Also I met a bunch of players IRL. For online tournaments, it was the one tournament where I discovered Balphagore was terribly imbalanced before everyone else.

Online, I don't really remember any tourney in particular. Offline, definitely DYA since it was biggest and the only LAN event I’ve participated for HoN, and it was definitely exciting to witness Fuji's boobs with my own eyes. Also, it was fascinating to see 2 digit IQ creatures like bkid in real life as well.

Relive the moment:
In the crunch game for the CSN Finals, FujiApples shocked many by picking Balphagore. In a somewhat anti-climatic fashion, he unleashed Hell on Newerth on FnaticMSI, going 15-0 in 20 minutes. Check out the replay here.
So Fuji, was that Balphagore pick a prepared secret weapon for the Finals or was it just an impulse pick which exceeded expectations?

It wasn't planned, I don't think we plan anything ahead of time for any tournaments lol . I just realized Balphagore was really strong from playing him in inhouses or on my smurfs.

Going from WHP > x6 > LOAD > EG, were the transitions hard? And was there a particular "phase" you guys preferred?

The first 2 were handled almost entirely by HunteR_ so they went very smoothly; the last one we didn't have such an experienced businessman with us so they were a little more complicated. We are very happy with our current sponsor.

Yes it was much better when Hunter was around, regardless of what some people say about him.

Transitions were smooth, joining EG was probably the toughest since we had to negotiate contracts and stuff with Alex Garfield president of EG. I enjoyed LOAD the most cause thats when chu quit and then I didn't have to hear his whining anymore.

YoDa, you're particularly known for successfully playing the hero Moon Queen in competitive games. What are your thoughts about that hero and the current metagame? Are changes needed to make a hero like her viable?

Moon Queen fits pretty nicely into the semicarry solo mid role; the only problem is that there are many heroes that do it better and are much more effective in the middle game stages (levels 6-11 for the solo player) such as Bubbles and Hag. The introduction of Blood Chalice, which MQ is unable to really take advantage of is probably the main cause for this. I just had a lot of experience with Moon Queen and that particular metagame was extremely Geobane heavy (which Moon Queen is extremely good against due to glaive bounces) so she turned out to be a nice pick. I think something would have to be changed for her to be a truly competitive pick in the future, unless chalice is nerfed.

When would you guys say, were the toughest times the team had to go through? And do you have any particular fond moments of 2010 you'd like to share?
Sorry guys I had a serious muscle injury while doing my daily index finger 2kg curls, and it worsened after trying to break my 7800 wrist pushup record.. I am now officially a HoN retiree. Retirement donations are much appreciated. -chu
Retirement speech, from hongossip.blogspot

For tough times it was when chu started playing HoN again and thought he was still god's gift to HoN even though he was really really rusty (think a level below warden status). Best moments were when we won the DYA Singapore Finals.

That's it Fuji.

Toughest times were when we lost to team fiVe in some GR tournament. best moment was HoN launch.

chu, from the days of beta, playing the role that you do in a team as successful as WHP, many teams have had the idea that to shut down the team they have to shut you down. Even GR caster The_Capitalist coined the phrase, "addressing the chu", what are your thoughts about that?

On one hand, I am grateful for the recognition I get in-game. On the other hand, it sometimes gets really annoying as I get super duper ganked even in public games. I have to take this factor into consideration while playing, and it is not something you'd want every game lol.

Throughout 2010 you guys have had different challengers for the top spot in the scene, it was 5 in beta, PhB looked really strong beating you guys when they 1st emerged, DWi was very closely behind you at one point and we have today's MSI. If you guys could pick 1 period of time, who would have been your closest rivals of 2010?

MSI is the only one that was ever really ahead so definitely them.

KeonDa: Origins
At the final GR TS3 Qualifier of 2010, the most bizarre of teams denied FnaticMSI a tourney victory for the first time since the FujiApples Balphagore massacre. Comprising of 2 xFin players, Ensoe, Bdiz (playing on alt account HellodotJPG) and chu (playing on alt account KeonDa), the fable of KeonDa the Euro Slayer was formed, originating from his forum signature.

MSI they are very good players and strategists, we need to look into recruiting the fabled "euro slayer" KeonDa but he is more elusive than BigFoot.

Our team was always really strong because of our team synergy. What we lacked and still lacking, is dedication and preparation for matches. We almost never strategize, never really scrim anymore, never talk seriously about what we could've done better both individually and as a team. This is definitely hurting our winning rate vs top teams such as MSI, but I truly believe with some time spent on strategizing, we have the potential to become unbeatable. If only we can spend some time seriously as a team...

How confident are you guys about coming back and meeting FnaticMSI in the grand final? And what do you think of your chances of winning the World Cup?

We are very confident in our upcoming match vs SK. Chances of winning this match is whooping 1600%. As for the chances of winning the grand finals, I'd just leave it at 50/50, though I believe we have better chance of winning individual matches. Being loser’s bracket winner is a huge disadvantage and I hope this does not affect us mentally.

Ok guys I think that's a nice wrap up for 2010, thanks for taking the time for doing this interview. Do you guys have any last words or shoutouts?

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Shoutout to HunteR_, evangelion27, clan rage, and tejin best SC2 player.

And as 2010 is ending, Happy New Year and hope you guys enjoyed the interview!