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Posted by Wei Shen "S_SienZ" Ong at 15 November 2010 05:37
As part of their coverage of their recent PLAY 5v5 HoN tournament, Fnatic has interviewed twiSta from Druidz Qpad ahead of their semifinals match against iMpuniTy from Singapore. twiSta talks about their thoughts before facing KD-Gaming, and even about their experience at our HoN World Cup.

Druidz have seen an early exit out of SteelSeries HoN World Cup. You lost to DuskBin in the winner bracket (1:2) and then to Wahl in lower bracket (1:2). Can you tell us what happened in those games, what went wrong?

Oh you had to remind me of those games didnt you, as it goes for the games vs Duskbin we had to play on USW and on top of that 2 of us barely had 2-3 hours of sleep the day before due to alot of reasons. And i really dont like to be a whiner when it comes to servers but id rather not play at all then play on USW again with 280-300 ping. The games vs team-Wahlin, well we just didnt play our game and wahlin proved to be the better team that day, they are a up and coming team who i think will upset alot of the top teams in the future.

You have been doing very well so far in FnaticMSI PLAY HoN 5on5 Cup. Druidz have made it to the semi-finals by defeating KD Gaming in the quarter-final match. Were you nervous before the game seeing they defeated Online Kingdom 2:0 in SS HoN World Cup a few days ago?

I dont think anyone was particulary nervous, we were more like worried about my internet and how much would it fail during the match, hopefully it didnt fail as much as we feared it would. KD Gaming is a really good team but we just played our game and came victorious.

What is your opinion on their chipper/pebbles combo on middle lane and about that combo overall?

That combo has alot of burst and is really deadly early to midgame, i dont think they played it to the maximum like they usually do. We have all seen pebbles take over games and we all know what that hero is capable of doing but i think we managed to shut it down pretty well by forcing them to focus on us while our emofarmer soender kept doing what he does best. Emofarm.

Check out the full interview here at Fnatic's PLAY site.

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