DTS|chatrix Interview

Posted by V "iki" V at 24 September 2010 07:46
Left to Right: LightofHeaven, Dendi and NS

Recent winner of MYM Prime, DTS|chatrix was interviewed by this week to answer a few questions on the DotA scene, more particularly on the biggest online tournament at the moment, Razer Global Challenge and on the latest map 6.68x.

Here are some of the entertaining parts of the interview:

Please introduce yourself briefly to the DotA community.
Light: Hey DL. My name is Dmitriy Kupriyanov, also known as LightofHeaven.
Dendi: Hi I am Dendi, and I am cool!
NS: Hey, i am Yaroslav Kuznetsov, u might know me as NS [*smile*]

If you could name the top 5 teams to make it in the Razer Global Challenge, which ones do you expect there?
Dread:, LGD.sGty and of course TPAKTOP.Team.
NS: LGD.sGty, DTS,, MYM, and one more Asian team. [*smile*]
Light: I can`t name 5 teams... All have equal chances.

What do you think about the reliable / unreliable gold changes in v6.68?
Dread: It`s exactly what I wanted. Would make DotA more action packed. So im really happy about it.

How do you see the future of DotA in eSports?
Dread: It`s really unpredictable for me, since it depends on influential people and what they are interested in.
NS: A game with +10 million players can’t die, how will it be? Up to IceFrog, I hope his partnership with Valve will be efficient, and they make a good future for DotA and millions of DotA addicts all over the world.
Light: It will be a good place where people fight vs each other together.
Dendi: Dota will make me famous.

Follow the rest of the interview, Here.

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