DreamHack finalists are...

Posted by Adam "synergis" O at 14 June 2009 23:49
The first day of StarCraft clashes in Swedish city of Jönköping is over. We know all the finalists after watching the last qualifier taking spot.

Swedish Zerg Naugrim could celebrate this evening as he won the tour and players like ytech.MorroW or dogmanner aka jollyroger are left out, waiting only to watch the games instead of playing.

28 gamers battled for 5 slots in tommorow's finals - 4 regular ones and one being a gift from Idra who did not manage to come. 25 players out of them were from Sweden, but we could see two Poles and one Russian player - Dreiven, Aero and BRAT_OK.

After exciting game in the final of qualifications, Dreiven lost to Naugrim and due to being 0-1 for coming from loser bracket he took the second spot. Along with them Zpux, BRAT_OK and datoby advanced to tomorrow's finals. Datoby advanced thanks to one additional slot after twozeroing Morrow.

The main tournament will start at 14:00 June 15th. Don't miss the games!

DreamHack Summer 2009 Playoffs
Quarter Finals
15-06 14:00 Russia RoX.A2 0-0 Sweden BW-datoby BO3
15-06 14:00 Ukraine RoX.DIMAGA 0-0 Poland ESC.Dreiven BO3
15-06 15:30 Sweden ToT)Naugrim( 0-0 Sweden BW-ZpuX BO3
15-06 15:30 Netherlands ToT)ret( 0-0 Russia RoX.BRAT_OK BO3
Semi finals
15-06 17:00 TBA 0-0 TBA BO5
15-06 17:00 TBA 0-0 TBA BO5
15-06 21:00 TBA 0-0 TBA BO5

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