DHS Preview: MiTH.s2y - Thailand's new face

Posted by Sören "Fantasy44" V. at 10 June 2013 16:00

The best team from Thailand has been a part of DreamHack the last time with good success, now Made in Thailand is looking to build onto that reputation with even better results. MRR set the bar high, MiTH has overcame their rival in their own country, overcoming the perception and that mark on the big international stage is the next goal on the agenda.


MiTH.s2y - From Thailand to capture Sweden


1st Place - DreamHack Summer Thai Qualifier 2013
1st Place - G-League by Gview April
2nd Place - G-League by Gview May
3rd Place - Garena Star League 2013
3rd Place - G-League by Gview March
3rd Place - G-League by Gview February



Jakkarin 'Peter_yedss5' Juntawaree








Age: 20

Nationality: Thailand Thailand


Avg. GPM: 397.6

Avg. XPM: 447.5

Avg. APM: 121.6

K:D : 1.52 : 1

K+A:D : 4.74 : 1

*Stats taken from G-League May/Profile


Signature Heroes: Parasite Ophelia Wildsoul

Statement by Peter_yedss5:

The thing I want to take away most from this DreamHack is a lot of experience and also developement for me as a person and as a player. Obviously we aim for a first place finish and have our goals set to that, but that should be a given for every team.

Looking over the other seven teams that attend the event, I really want to play against the top squad of Stay Green again. I want to play against them, test our skills, seeing as they are most likely going to win this event after all. 


Parkpoom 'DYISCor' Oatsawachotikon









Age: 19

Nationality: Thailand Thailand


Avg. GPM: 279.4

Avg. XPM: 303.7

Avg. APM: 134.4

K:D : 0.77 : 1

K+A:D : 3.29 : 1

*Stats taken from G-League May/Profile


Signature Heroes: Engineer Torturer Pyromancer

Statement by DYISCor:

What I expect from DreamHack Summer? I expect to make the Thailand eSports name go world wide, alongside with the s2y name of course. Other than that I expect us to take Top 4, the competition is hard, but I believe we are capable of that for sure.

For your last questions I have the same answer to be honest. Stay Green in both. We played them in the GSL, so I really want to have another match against that team. In the end they going to claim the trophy and become DreamHack Champion - at least that is what I think.


Buris 'Esc`' Naruebeskraisri









Age: 18

Nationality: Thailand Thailand


Avg. GPM: 347.6

Avg. XPM: 422.4

Avg. APM: 131.3

K:D : 0.94 : 1

K+A:D : 3.49 : 1

*Stats taken from G-League May/Profile


Signature Heroes: Tempest KotF Wildsoul


Statement by Esc`:

I only have two goals for the DreamHack Summer. The first one is to take Top 4, the second one is to beat sG in just one game. If the latter happens I have accomplished a lot and can die in peace, right on the spot even!

Seeing as I just want to beat sG, I can't wait for the opportunity to reach my goal. I can't wait to play against those guys again, maybe gaining a little bit of revenge for our lost in Thailand. We have improved a lot since then and I really want to show them that!

So in conclusion, if we do not win this event, sG will. ​


Nutdanai 'Mrsunz' Rungruang





Age: 18

Nationality: Thailand Thailand


Avg. GPM: 416.4

Avg. XPM: 498.9

Avg. APM: 117.2

K:D : 1.61 : 1

K+A:D : 4.00 : 1

*Stats taken from G-League May/Profile


Signature Heroes: Rally Moraxus Deadwood

Statement by Mrsunz:

I expect to gain a lot of positive experience when traveling to Sweden in order to compete at the DreamHack Summer 2013. That is the main thing, but obviously we also want to perform well as a team - with the goal of taking a spot in the Top 4. 

I think all my teammates are going to say that they want to play sG as well, but they are just the team to beat at the moment, so we want to prove ourselves against the best. Seeing the schedule it's going to be the opening game for us, which I am extra excited about.

They are also going to win the event, sG is. They are the best, they will do it. 


Thaworn 'BagstygAsry' Kowawintawewat









Age: 18

Nationality: Thailand Thailand


Avg. GPM: 502.36

Avg. XPM: 570.5

Avg. APM: 112.2

K:D : 2.12 : 1

K+A:D : 3.79 : 1

*Stats taken from G-League May/Profile


Signature Heroes: SandWraith Torturer MoonQueen


Statement by BagstygAsry:

I want to gain a lot of experience for myself and develope my game on the trip to Sweden. Those aspects are the most important things to change our game and become even better. Personal growth and growth of our capabilities as players and as a team. Still while we still have some lack in experience on the big international stage, I expect us to compete with a lot of teams and get into the Top 4 for sure. 

Looking forward to play sG obviously. They beat us on our home turf in Bangkok, but we have come a long way since then. Still in the end sG or sG.eu are going to win the event, but I still want to show sG how much we have improved.


Team Breakdown


The Thai region is in a power shift currently with Made in Thailand.Sorry Sorry and Turtle Master leading the charge against the two established squads of Neolution eSports.MRR and KaiD. The way it looks now is that the newcomers have taken over seeing it that both teams won the most recent G-League events and also dominated the DreamHack Thai Qualifier with a Grand Final between them two. The shift inside the country seems to be completed, but outside of Thailand Neolution eSports.MRR is still a household name and now MiTH.s2y is looking to change that.

They will be measured by two tournaments, one of which they didn't even attend. In the debut of Thailand on the international surface MRR set the bar quite high, only losing one single Best of Two match against Tt eSports in Group B. In the rest of the matches the Thai team either drew (against QsQ and tdM) or won (against vTi). MiTH is now in the position to either post a similar impressive stat line in the group stage or just reach the playoff phase, solidifying themselves as one of the Top 4 teams in the world. The other standard they will be measured by is the GSL 2013 performance of the roster. In that tournament they upset their regional partner of Neolution eSports.MRR in the Lower Bracket Finals to secure themselves the third finish of the entire event. Still, they got busted by both of the international teams and this event will show if they improved enough over the last couple of months to now seriously challenge both sG-squads and compLexity Gaming - the best the western region has to offer.

The draft and playstyle is not really that innovative or funky anymore, with almost every top team outside of the NA/EU region adjusting to the international style. The only thing that is left from that style is the trademark Sand Wraith pick of BagstygAsry and an overall aggressiveness that the teams wear on their sleeves. They will pounce at every kill opportunity to get an early advantage and get the pressure off of their main carry. In recent history MiTH has been marvelous at executing that very same game plan, but if anything falls apart they are also good at making defensive stances or just hanging in the game to punish opponent's mistakes. By no stretch of the imagination is this team to be triffled with and everyone should take notice of the five Thai's that are coming to Thailand to unleash hell. Confidence, individual skills and an impeccable coordination in team fights are the overarching traits of the squad that is looking to represent the Thai region way beyond the actual group stage.

Can they succeed at this quest and bring the Sand Wraith all the way to the Playoffs?


Special thanks to the squad of MiTH.s2y for their cooperation and their quick response time with the statements and the additional information. Also special thanks to Taii for providing the pictures and helping with the statements, as well as Mischa Tan for her help with the statements.