DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN

  • Prize pool $30,000
  • Start date 28 Nov 2013
  • End date 30 Nov 2013

Prize pool - 195,000 SEK

1. 70,000 SEK 4. 25,000 SEK
2. 35,000 SEK 5. 20,000 SEK
3. 25,000 SEK 6. 20,000 SEK


Participating teams

  stayGreen   Lions eSports
  Denial eSports   Too Much Sugar
  Shit Happens   Internet Gangsters

Main event

Group stage
  • 2 groups of 5 teams each
  • Round-Robin
  • B01 series
  • Status: Completed
  • Single-Elimination
  • B03 series
  • Status: Completed

Location: Jönköping, Sweden  


DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN

28 Nov 2013
Championship Bracket - Championship Bracket
Group A - Group Stage
Group B - Group Stage

News & Features

stayGreen wins DreamHack Winter 2013

stayGreen has done it again - for the second time in a row. The best team in Newerth right now came to Jönköping, Sweden with only one goal and once the dust settled they have reached that. The squad can now legitimately challenge for "Best Team Of All Time" tying the major titles of the legendary fnatic.MSI.

HoN GosuGamers

iNsania: Our losses came down to the draft

The first Grand Finals match is in the books as the tournament takes a break - time enough for us to catch up with iNsania and ask him about his performance, the team's future. Since he is a great analyst we obviously also asked him about the Grand Finals and his expectations.

HoN GosuGamers

DHW13 Day : Four Teams Remaining

The second day of DreamHack started with the BYOC teams taking center stage and it also ended with the surprise of the tournament getting knocked out - a BYOC team. Now only four teams are left to fight for the distinct honor of being called DreamHack Winter Champion.

HoN GosuGamers

Zlapped: tmsR match can go either way

Day 2 of the DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN event is in the books and Denial eSports continues it's path of success. GosuGamers got to talk to their captain Zlapped and got a unique insight in the team's progress, his personal experience, the team's performance at the event and the roster changes.

HoN GosuGamers

Beef: Good to be around nerds

GosuGamers had the chance to talk to one of the voices of the DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN event - Kyle 'Beef' Bautista. In the interview not only his rookie status at DreamHack was discussed, but also his take on the tournament, the teams and obviously his favorite team in Lions eSports.

HoN GosuGamers

Buch: The Law was our first match together

GosuGamers had the opportunity to catch former Pikachu player Buch right after the first three matches of Reason Gaming were in the books. He was able to clear up Reason's situation, the new team and the expectations of the team in the tournament.

HoN GosuGamers

Nordic Trifecta punches DHW ticket

The big DreamHack Winter 2013 HoN tournament is inching closer and closer, as now eight of the ten spots for the main event are filled. In a two-day qualifier the high-profile Nordic teams of Reason Gaming, Denial eSports and The Law secure their spot in the $30,000 USD event.

HoN GosuGamers

Lions, tmsR and iG qualify for DreamHack Winter 2013

DreamHack Winter is the pinnacle of every single HoN year with the best teams across the world coming out to showcase their talent. The path to the prestigious event is long and tough, but two teams from Europe and an international mash have clinched their ticket and the coveted travel stipend to Jönköping, Sweden.

HoN GosuGamers

DHW13 Qualifier Groups Drawn

One of the biggest HoN events on the calendar is moving closer and closer, hence the qualifiers are going into the intense phase. Yesterday the two groups for the NA/EU qualifiers were drawn - with Lions in Group A, Internet Gangsters and Too Much Sugar in Group B.

HoN GosuGamers
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