DreamHack Summer 2013

  • Prize pool US$30,000
  • Start date 15 Jun 2013
  • End date 17 Jun 2013

Prize pool - 195,000 SEK

1. 120,000 SEK
2. 50,000 SEK
3. 25,000 SEK


Participating teams

  Stay Green   compLexity Gaming
  Stay Green Europe   iTS
  iMpunity   MiTH
  VDT   KungFu Gaming

Main event

Group stage
  • Eight teams League format
  • Round-Robin
  • Best-of-one series
  • First four teams go straight to the Winners' bracket
  • Bottom four teams go straight to the Losers' bracket
  • Status: Completed
  • Double-Elimination
  • Best-of-three series
  • Status: Completed

Location: Jönköping, Sweden  


DreamHack Summer HoN 2013

15 Jun 2013
Championship Bracket - Championship Bracket
Group Stage - Group Stage

News & Features

MiTH.s2y: "DreamHack was a huge learning experience"

Made in Thailand.Sorry Sorry is in the Grand Finals of the Thai HoN Tour, they just came back from their debut on the international stage at DreamHack Summer 2013, so they are the story right now. GosuGamers.net had the opportunity to ask them about their DreamHack experience and the future of Thai HoN.

HoN GosuGamers

DreamHack GosuBets Competitions Winners

DreamHack Summer 2013 has brought yet another "ring" to Stay Green with their splendid performance on the mainstage against compLexity Gaming. Still not only the five members of the squad have reason to celebrate, but also the eight winners of the GosuBets competition for the event.

HoN GosuGamers

Stay Green completes Triple Crown

They went into the tournament as the clear favorite, they walk out of the tournament as the new DreamHack Summer 2013 Champions. Stay Green therefore has won the last three major LAN events and is closing in fast on the legendary fnatic.MSI.
HoN GosuGamers

Haxxeren: Everone is nervous on LAN

GosuGamers had the opportunity to sit down with Haxxeren from Stay Green Europe right after the match against Vietnamese Dream Team and discuss the DreamHack experience, the tournament and the upcoming matches against compLexity Gaming and possibly sG.

HoN GosuGamers

DHS13 Recap Day 2: Down to Six

The second day of DreamHack Summer 2013 is in the books with six teams remaining in the competition. Only iTS and the Chinese team of KungFu Gaming will not get the pleasure to play on Day 3 - the rest of the bunch is.

HoN GosuGamers

Support: We choked a lot today

GosuGamers.net had the chance to talk to Vietnamese Dream Team's Support after the clash of them against compLexity Gaming. The Road to DreamHack, the matches in DreamHack, the Xibbe pickup and plenty of hero choices were discussed.

HoN GosuGamers

Tralfamadore: Friendship helps compLexity to succeed

GosuGamers.net had the chance to catch up with Tralfamadore at the DreamHack Summer 2013 event. Right before his clash with MiTH the player shared his thoughts on the tournament, the team's chemistry and the international teams.
HoN GosuGamers

DHS13 Recap Day 1: Winning Streak no more

A long and exciting day at DreamHack Summer 2013 is over, saving the best and most exciting for last. GosuGamers is walking through the most important things that occured during the 13 hours of HoN coverage.

HoN GosuGamers

ggslayer: The whole preparation was very hectic

GosuGamers.net had the opportunity to catch up with ggslayer from KungFu Gaming after their first three matches, getting a unique insight into the Chinese team. The latest performance and results were discussed, the preparations, the controversy of their nomination and a small peak into the future of ggslayer and the team.
HoN GosuGamers

Emperor: vdT has a lot of potential superstar players

Cyrus 'Emperor' Alavi will be casting more than half of the DreamHack Summer 2013 matches in Heroes of Newerth. GosuGamers.net could arrange an interview with the competitive insight caster of Honcast beforehand to discuss every single team, roster changes, nerves of players and the format of the event.

HoN GosuGamers
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