CLG throwing games?

xvanhite @ 10th May 2012 11:34 (Read 10,174 times).
Firstly im a big fanboy of CLG and im not a pro player but im questioning a lot of CLG's games lately is it just me or is CLG making a lot of game throwing decisions lately.

During the kiev lan final, the third game of CLG vs M5, it was a horrible throw which lose them the whole series. When M5 was doing a rosh for the first time instead of hijacking the rosh a normal way since they have the line up to do it (morph+prophet+sand king) they decided to try and steal the last hit and got hit by a SF ulti which resulted in M5 getting the aegis with a double kill. Im not a pro player and i understand how much pressure you have especially during lan but i expected much more from this awesome roster and team and theres a lot of expectation even puppey expected them to beat moscow 5 and puppey also said that he was looking forward to settling things with pajkatt

Next, lets look at the recent games. CLG vs xGosu. A very very questionable draft for game 1 and 3 i mean 2 of the hardest carries lycan and am on the same team? Twice? if you have the map dominance then yes this is great when you can farm the whole map but in most cases you wont have enough farm to make both of them unstoppable and these cost them the tournament.

Once again, im a huge fan of clg and is always rooting for them but a lot of their decision made me raise a lot of question. Loda as been talking a lot about being number one in the whole dota 2 scene which i would look forward and will always be rooting for his team but the gap between clg and other teams is not like the gap between navi and other teams yet where navi can get away with picking mostly anything and i hope that CLG would finalize its roster with Smul/Misery soon enough so they can qualify in the TI2.

These are my thoughts. Any other thoughts from wagamama or clg roster?
With this I end my rant and wish CLG the best of luck for its future matches.