Justice :(

scorpionadiga @ 1st May 2012 01:54 (Read 7,141 times).
I know that this maybe conflicting some rules ! but here the story I've been telling until I get what I want !

First of all I think that at least 80% of Dota 2 do not deserve to play it as I do ! here is the reason :

I've been playing Dota since 7 years now !! I know I have skills that can make on of the best dota movies !! but neither me nor my teammates bother !! So there is nothing else left except begging ! admins fellas, anyone that read this and capable, plss plsss plsss could you send me a beta key for dota 2.. I FREAKING NEED IT !!! :S

Pls don't find this aggressive offensive or self-centered, but I would make you a nuclear bomb if you give me a key !!!