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After their match against iZone125 got a chance to interview from Malaysia!

Hi introduce yourself
Hi , i'm John Lim, manager of

How did started? started since Sheng and Ohaiyo joined, our former major players Technique and Nash don't have enough time for training and working. At the moment, orange2 ShenGG and Ohaiyo was finding new team to start LAN training so we approach them and start our training. March GEST is our first tournament.

Are there any problem that the team often encounter?
There are quite a lot of problem but the main problem is financial issues and a place to stay while training. For example, whenever Ohaiyo wanna to attend LAN training with us, he need to stay at someone's house, moreover, some of us are student and don't have enough money to cover.

What can you say about your recent match against iZone125? Any reaction?
iZone125 is prepared very well as we can see their bans was really quick, Kotl really a nice pick that match. Although they are quite spread in the map , but they able to regroup with in sec.

What can you say about Pinoy teams?
Pinoy teams are very fierce in ganking and solo skills with crow bottles. We like to compete with Pinoy teams more because we learn new things every time.

If given a chance to compete against a pinoy team, who do you want to face Mineski, iZone125, MSIEvoGT or Revitalize? and why?
I would like to face MSIEvoGT because their strategies are very unthinkable but very strong and we need our revenge from last GEST too !

What should we expect from in the future?
I hope able to stand a chances while compete with other international team out there.

Thanks E-sport republic for this interview, For all the fans out there, although we fall this time but u can expect a stronger and brand new in next GEST !