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I’m loving the CCL so far.

While HOTS is my favorite MOBA, I always thought about watching HOTS was boring. I rarely tuned in to HGC caused most of the time I’d rather play HOTS or watch something else. I still supported and shared HGC and appreciated it as a whole. But I just couldn’t get into it. I’m still not sure why.

But the CCL... I don’t know why but I’m finding myself loving it. I like the pairing of ggDoa and Grubby (imo awkward at sometimes, but its part of the charm). I like Bahamuts insight inbetween games and the draft. Love the return of Gilly interviews. More importantly, love the pace of the games. HOTS at first always had breaks in between each game like other MOBAs, but now they are much better.

I won’t go into too much about YT vs twitch, cause I typically can’t watch live.

Then the players of these teams. Brought together via a draft and seeing the adaptations in characters + talents for simple bo5 games. Wins feel more impressive because before teams were just “bought” into existence in HGC. Then the skill between players each team aren’t as misshaped like Heroes of the dorm.

Looking forward to next weeks games.

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