Looking for an artist to draw hero skin concept

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I suck at drawing, but I always thought it would be funny to design a summer beach skin for Gul'dan based on his :cool: emote shades. Have had this image in my mind for awhile.

  • Blue framed shades

  • A large beach towel/blanket draped over his head, back and sides colored the same as his main skin's purple robes with the red trim

  • His arms coming out from the front edges of the open beach towel he has draped on with some beach balls or bottles of sunscreen or something in each hand.

  • Tank top on, Beach shorts, with his knobby orc knees peeking out and his stubbly hairy legs with flip flops on

  • His beachballs or squirting the sunscreen bottles and then him splashing water could represent his Q W and E abilities somehow

  • His R for rain could be tons of fel beach balls raining down and his fear would be him like flexing and letting the beach towel open more in the front so he can pose quickly scaring everyone off with how happy he looks

  • Maybe like a folded up beach chair, closed umbrella, and a cooler hanging off one of his back horns


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