Varian (Tank) Rework Proposal

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So the past few months I’ve really felt some way about Varian, while the idea of a multi class hero seems fun Varian has either felt toxic in games (if anyone remembers the OG warbringer point and click stun), or just feels weak overall. Now this rework proposal is very minimal as I don’t really feel like making talents centered around his propsosed kit I’m just gonna touch over his abilities and show off a way to transition him more into a tank.

Q Lions Fang: Now the current problem with is ability is it just feels like something you throw out to throw out. Instead I’d preferably like to see this becomes Varian’s engage tool. So the ability will stay the same, slow moves down to 20%, but if hit at the end of the ability (about the last quarter) it will stun for .5 seconds. This puts his engage not on his gap closer (GOOD) and gives him CC before 10

W Parry: Overall this ability seems fine, but what I do find toxic about this ability is shield wall. This ability has a niche, and giving him protected just makes him all the more toxic E Charge: Keep the same

R Taunt: Keep the same

R Twin Blades of Fury: this talent used to be for Varian 1v1 shenanigans, keep the idea the same but weaken it and add more cc to Varian to do this we’ll decrease the buff to attack speed by 25% and add another passive. Lions Fang fires 2 waves, enemies hit by the end of both waves are stunned for 1.5 seconds. Let this be casted like li ming missiles . Also get rid of Second Wind it’s toxic.

R Colossus Smash: This ones gonna be completely different: Varian after .5 seconds leaps to an area knocking back targets away from him (to about the range of his q stun), reducing their armor by 10 and slowing them by 30% 80sec cd

And finally Ult moved back to 10.

These are my thoughts, lmk what you think. I’m up for discussion people telling me where I’m wrong, or maybe your thoughts on what they should be instead.

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