Stuck in a rut

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TL:DR: Stuck in a rut, venting frustration, how do you deal with a series of bad matches, does playing ranked actually mean playing against similar skilled players?

I have been stuck in a rut for the past 19 games. It's honestly been pretty devastating.

I started playing about a week ago. Usually play healer/bruiser around a 50% win-rate player in quick match, so nothing to write home about.

Anyways I went 2-17 my last 19 games and I wouldn't say I'm the issue. I follow my team, don't usually get angry pings or messages. The losses usually come down to; [1] server issues, a team mate disconnecting early and not able to reconnect. [2] new/below average (coming from me) players not understanding their role (i.e. tanks disengaging. Being greedy leaving me alone. Starting a fight, dashing away and leaving my dash-less character behind). [3] superior enemy comp. I just started playing some ranged assassin's and about 14 of those losses were as ranged assassin's so that could also be it.

Anyways how do you deal with being in a rut? I really like the game, but these last games I've not been able to enjoy.

Soon I'll hit level 50 is it worth to go straight to ranked? Will I actually be playing people of my skill level or are there many smurfs whom stomp players in their league?

Thanks for reading!

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