I'm honestly really close to permanently quitting this game.

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So after my initial post, I received lots of good advice to try out in the game to see if I can get back into the game and see maybe I was wrong. So I did a lot of Storm League, did some ARAM, did some QM, played with friends and even used heroes I never played before.

However though, the problems are just so glaring that I can't ignore them. The smurf stacking in Storm League is such a problem that my games are always getting stomped at Silver 1 - Gold 4, and the games I do win it always feels like luck, never by skill which is not what I want to get out of it. Played with friends in QM and we just got stomped to the point where it didn't feel fun anymore, and the five of us are at the same skill level in SL and tried that, got stomped once in under 10 minutes and we called it a day.

Never mind the toxicity as well when you solo queue, there are people you run into that *seriously* need to go to therapy or just find enjoyment in game ruining, I just don't understand it.

Again, I don't have the answers on how to fix this game but, these issues are rampant, be it from Smurf Stacking, to extreme Toxicty, to a broken MMR system and honestly I can't see an answer coming any time soon from anyone on how to fix this.

What sucks the most is when I talked about this issue with other smaller HoTS communities it was always the same toxicity "git gud scrub" or "mad cause bad?" and the classic "stop being bad" which 100% are not the answers to fix the issues with the game.

Is there any true way to fix this game without ruining it?

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