Any advice for Azmodán???

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I love Azmodán I simply like it, but ad the end of every match I always have very low experience points compared to my teammates, so that makes me wonder if I am doing something wrong.

I always try to take camps I think Azmodán is really good at this (correct me if I am wrong) his ability to create minions is very handy with camps, I can take siege camps using W and D, and Bruiser camps with R

I always throw globes to structures, while everyone is fighting, from the back I try to use the globe to damage structures

I never take on heroes by my own, I know Azmodán has low armor and it is easy to kill, example against Illidian or Li ming always ends in tragedy, I only attack other heroes by assisting other teammates or if the enemy also has low armor

That's basically what I do with Azmo, Any other thing that I should know? Advice?


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